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  1. / from the clips i've seen Maestrezzy>>>>>
  2. Nines did his ting
  3. My g Imagine Iraq. certain times its 50 degrees +
  4. WTF rip
  5. These man have showed little to no improvement as interviewers
  6. If donny doesn't beat Mikasa next season smh / Ep was too much.
  7. Feel like Bape when I reminisce about them times
  8. SLK>>>Roll Deep Listen to the sets its CLEAR.
  9. Proper coon. Got a little money & now looks down on the people he grew up with.
  10. Disrespect. When other stars have had these troubles Real have minimised the damage. Swear they niced Beckham. Made everything go away.
  11. 😂😂 Tbh I don't trust wenger to buy a top striker. Theo, Danny, Gervinho, Park, Chamahk, Perez, Giroud, Poldolski Pure poverty. The man's been cutting corners for yearsss
  12. No just me. I don't rate him.
  13. Would rather suffer another season of misery with The Lothario than waste £60m on Lacazette
  14. kissanime or
  15. Horrible.