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  1. Mephisto

    uk-rap Nines

    Was a bridge yout. Heard hes ok though.
  2. If we fuck up tomorrow, I might be done with football
  3. dskjdcnosdndspodcpmnsd sz sa
  4. Mephisto

    live FA Cup 2019 R3 & EFL Cup SF

    Jesus racking up those stats to make it seem like hes had a decent season
  5. Mephisto

    January Sales 2019

    Who would want to be a CF in this era? Its either do all the donkey work for the wingers, or bang 40+ & win nothing
  6. Mephisto

    live FA Cup 2019 R3 & EFL Cup SF

    Hazard deserves better.
  7. Mephisto

    R.Kelly - "Still Ain't Nothing But A number "

    I don't rate any of them coming out condeming R Kelly now. They've known about his antics for YEARS & where was the energy when he married Aaliyah at 15???
  8. Mephisto

    Smacking Kids.

    Do all you can Even if you lose a custody/access case... when/if your daughter comes looking for you in 10+ years you can look her in the eyes & not have to tell her some bs story about why you've been absent
  9. Mephisto

    afc Arsenal 2018/19

    Guy was shocking again today Jenkinson>>>>Lich
  10. Mephisto

    Christian Pulisic

    Should've copped Nicolas Pépé
  11. Liverpool aren't even playing that well. If they sort out their passing we could hold 8
  12. We look so solid with 3 workhorses in midfield Wait....