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  1. A notorious Hackney-based group known thought to have been wiped out last year may still be operating in the boroughs hate when journalists dont proof read
  2. also less sun = less vitamin D affects quite a lot of people https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seasonal_affective_disorder
  3. QPR Dee


    shouts to all the toe mandem outchea our year
  4. Huawei wont get far in western markets when theyre equipment is being banned by the Five Eyes countries and theyre advising against using their devices. Asia, middle east, africa, latin america theyll do great. Apples problem tbh is phones are as good as they can get, camera from 2015/6 still good, screens from then still good, still powerful enough for apps etc, the only thing that would be fucked is the battery, and you can get that replaced cheaper than a new iphone so why bother? best they can do is use updates to slow the phone down. the battery replacements are affecting them https://www.theverge.com/2019/1/2/18165866/apple-iphone-sales-cheap-battery-replacement
  5. sorry to hear that man, hope the fam are OK
  6. there may have never been a drone there in the first place https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/gatwick-drone-disruption-ministers-set-to-discuss-airport-drama-amid-confusion-a4024761.html
  7. steel slats that someone could shimmy through apparently.
  8. both red states that a monkey with (R) next to their name could win. Pence was governor of Indiana before this
  9. damn, sorry to hear that man. condolences
  10. and why she pissing like a pressure washer?
  11. this idiot doesnt know the difference between weather and climate https://nypost.com/2018/11/22/donald-trump-doesnt-understand-climate-change/
  12. one guy in year 11 tried fight like 5 of my classmates in year 7 cause they made fun of his hi tec trainers Schott jackets were the must have item, i got mine JUST as the trend was dying out total 90s for football, apart from the yout that would toe punt in his school shoes one time i almost got peeled for my jacket, guy actually came up to me and almost took it until he realised it was Down Impact and not Avirex, thank you Walthamstow Market school was mad at times
  13. getting terrible reviews most are like this
  14. this tatt is quite well done as well
  15. falling onto those blades wont be fun
  16. breitbart and fox news wont walk out though and theyll report that the fake news media is colluding, then those who remain will just ask questions he wants
  17. louder for the guys in the back please shouts to five guys as well
  18. smoke screen while he fired his AG and hide the news that Don Jr will be indicted soon the media obviously gonna talk about the war on the media
  19. watched this yesterday, was HILARIOUS so fuckin petty and childish, but hilarious
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