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  1. jelly

    Love Island

    Amber is good looking that's about it
  2. jelly

    Love Island

    That Anna girl is a known escort and her sister. They are porta potties which shows from the constant boat photos in Dubai Futhermore she wants to talk about being a pharmacist that's a £8.50 hour job but she was able to afford a breast job and bbl with Dr alasni in Spain (would have cost about 10k) and lip fillers £300 every month and I doubt her "strict middle eastern parents" were paying for her surgery. Yeah okay pharmacist. The girl is a clown.
  3. You don't get to tell women what they do with their body Rather have abortion then a bunch of unwanted kids running around causing havoc the planet is over populated
  4. jelly


    How can he get chased down in a Porsche he ain't a driver but doesn't make him puss whatever there were loads of him and him alone Same with cbiz loads of them and him alone Getting shot or stabbed or robbed don't make you a d*ckhead it can happen t0 anyone
  5. I'm black but agreed especially light skin women
  6. lol mad embarrassing who's fucking this loser
  7. just awful young and inspiring live his music
  8. you lot seen this https://imgur.com/a/nNoUTXz they said some gay shit to but I don't care to upload that wonder if they will get dragged like Maya (probably not cause they white)
  9. I like Maya and stormzy shame what they said but whatever
  10. because I have read a terrible story about it happening to a dog before in brazil which haunts my mind
  11. well you can't afford Mayfair can you? isn't it better to live some where in London then your mum house?
  12. jelly


    word on streets from legit sources
  13. single mothers no fathers social media feminist demonizing men poverty is the cause simple as.
  14. you can rent a two bed pent house in thamsmead for 1600 that is 800 each for you and a friend That same 800 you spend on a holiday showing off to 18yr old white girls pretending you have it made.
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