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  1. Dvs is apparently dead

    does anyone know if this is a rumour?
  2. Girls too black for DSTRKT / Fridge too black for Brixton

    dstrk has lost its licence due to Albanians stabbing each other outside
  3. Hoes have the best personalities..

    who is linking chicks in theit early 20s tho? all of them are hoes so u talking about your wifey she is just some underground Can't stand young gal they are annoying dumb and slags who call other slags slags

    I know a guy who got head of a tranny and his friends still move with him the guy is gay and weird like at least just be gay getting head of a mentally ill man is super creepy
  5. Sleeping with your ex....

    That woman is a nasty piece of work And no don't sleep with exes if you are in a relationship and you like tj3 person it is unnessary head ache

    Yes you should delete everything my ex kept photos of his ex and that broke us up and girls numbers I'm now a lesbian
  7. Are all men the same?

    Yes I'm now dating a transgender woman and it's the best relationship
  8. Can't trust the internet anymore.

    15k followers but only max 800 likes? Got a Brazilian butt lift and curls her hair to try look like a lighty Boring looking plain white girl with nothing better to do but fuck American dudes hoping for a come up. She thought buying her ass would make her something worry love so many pretty women with fake and real body's to compete with having a 3/10 face won't cut it But yeah good luck lol
  9. Amir Khan gets engaged..gives GF 100k ring

    I think everyone deserved a second chance he obviously took her for granted now is back hopefully will work
  10. Prem star banging hoes not goals

    Her breast are fake how is it you can't tell and they are badly fake as well There's nothing wrong with her being a stripper or a whore the problem is she and her friends thinks it's okay to expose people like this even worse u lot are other males that think her behaviour is okay because she has a pair of fake breast, bad weave and a caked off face, she's not even a 5/10. Washed youts
  11. DUBAI

    I think he was trying to show dominance over the Arab guy or trying to move to him. The guys friends said they heard the Arab guys friends tell him to drop the charges but that could be a lie Who knows but I do feel there is defo more to the story
  12. Giggs - Wamp 2 Dem midnight

    I like giggs I met him before he offered me chicken wings True story
  13. Kensington - Attack or?......

    Road rage probably had a bad day and choose to take it out on innocent people Loser
  14. Prem star banging hoes not goals

    Why u a simp The girl brought her followers I'm exposing it girls like her should be exposed cause she thinks it's okay to expose men