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  1. Dirty talk during sex

    full in convo like what what did she say which put you off
  2. Dirty talk during sex

    it' not cringe it' sexy when a guy does it what is cringe when the guy makes a bag of noise like AH AH AH AH AH I had a guy like that it is fucking weird he was a big ole body builder too which made it even more cringy and funny plus he was a slow stroker worse guy i ever fucked and he wonder why his girlfriend' cheated on him
  3. Relationships

    how u know she was a hoe
  4. the only thing wrong is they have a dysfunctional relationship bevause Tom cheats all the time straight people can be shit parents too and the child will grow up with everything
  5. would u like a dog to rape you? the dogs know it isn' right they usually cry in pain and bleed from it
  6. raping a dog what a low life he needs to be battered to death
  7. When Is She Too Drunk?™

    in the summer last year I went out with this guy and got so drunk. it was actually an invite to a private party and because I dropped my phone in the toilet I couldn't call a taxi he offered to drop me home I woke up in my house butt naked saw a condom on the floor don't remember anything I didn't do anything about it bit I did not speak or see the guy again he tried to holla and I did try ask him like I said "sorry I feel asleep on you last night" and he said you didn't I don't know what happened but all in saying is please don't sleep with drunk girls unless they are your gf or something because I could of went police i didn't but some girls will I literally cannot remember going home reading the replies though a lot of you guys sound decent usually only wasteman who need to get chicks drunk
  8. The Music Video Thread

    Erin budina is doing her video to say you know the cat fish who is skinny and rat like in real life but you black men praise her and her photo shopped bent up back friends :-)
  9. Dvs is apparently dead

    does anyone know if this is a rumour?
  10. Girls too black for DSTRKT / Fridge too black for Brixton

    dstrk has lost its licence due to Albanians stabbing each other outside
  11. Hoes have the best personalities..

    who is linking chicks in theit early 20s tho? all of them are hoes so u talking about your wifey she is just some underground Can't stand young gal they are annoying dumb and slags who call other slags slags

    I know a guy who got head of a tranny and his friends still move with him the guy is gay and weird like at least just be gay getting head of a mentally ill man is super creepy
  13. Sleeping with your ex....

    That woman is a nasty piece of work And no don't sleep with exes if you are in a relationship and you like tj3 person it is unnessary head ache

    Yes you should delete everything my ex kept photos of his ex and that broke us up and girls numbers I'm now a lesbian