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  1. I remember falling off my seat when I found out he was white. Boy, there’s no way you could get away with brown face today. Still one of my favourite films though.
  2. @SLEAZE BALL I don’t usually address negs but I am curious to know where I told a lie in that post?
  3. Nah, the whole story is actually nuts. It reads like a movie. Yooooo. ?? Boy, they didn’t want her consorting with an Abeed huh? Boy. I can’t say I feel sorry for the breddah. You know these people don’t like black people, whether they’re Muslim or not. I don’t understand why any black man would get involved with their lot. Getting honour killed for a nut is dumb. Don’t get involved with a girl whose parents come from a backwards ass culture.
  4. Wow, those were the charges? If that’s what you can bring your parents to court for now days, my parents would be serving double life sentences. ?
  5. Reading this story made me angry enough but listening to the audio. They’re not even official police, they’re immigration officers abusing their powers. Fucking scumbags.
  6. That kick to the head. Eeesh. I wasn’t ready for that connection. Straight CTE.
  7. Good discussion but that posh boy had to be an actor. My guy literally followed the Carlton Banks blueprint down to a tee: jumper on his back, condescending attitude and constantly antagonising without listening. Clearly a plant just to get views. Skulldugz was the only guy making sense. And Alex too. Ace is just your typical insecure wasteman. Like a live version of VIP2 to be honest. All that was missing was a smart dumb nigga on there wearing 2nd hand trainers.
  8. I knew he was white when I read in another article that the parents want to treat him for “‘mental health problems.” If he was black, they would’ve plastered his face everywhere, going into how many school detentions he’s ever had.
  9. Completely unacceptable. It’s one thing to have a school fight, but kicking civilians in the head? Who’s raising these demons?
  10. Especially a company funding both the “victim” and the “enemy”. That should raise a few eyebrows.
  11. These clowns cutting up Nike products they paid for are cut from the same cloth as those fools who burned The Beatles records, when John Lennon said they were bigger than Jesus. You can’t take these fools seriously.
  12. Was it Chappelle or someone else who talked about If Martin Luther King Jnr’s marches was sponsored by Nike? Boy, real life is stranger than fiction. I’m 100% behind what Colin is doing but I’m always skeptical when major corporations co-opt activists/movements. I guess they want to be on the right side of history.
  13. Makes Shameless look like Downton Abbey.
  14. He was groping her breast. This wasn’t some accidental swipe, he full on grabbed her and she looked uncomfortable. He’s a straight up creep. Like I said in the other thread, I bet he’s got precious when it comes to this.
  15. So you’d be cool if a preacher held one of your female siblings this way?
  16. Wow, you can tell this Bishop is worse off stage if he’s bold enough to fondle a pop star in front of millions of people. These “men of the cloth” have always been creeps. I bet there’ll be a flood of #MeToo stories coming out about him soon.
  17. I can’t believe people actually drink that crap. One woman I used to work with would drink one first thing in the morning every day. You’re asking for an early grave doing that.
  18. Yooo, I forgot how funny this was. I’m cracking up. ?
  19. No different than the drug game. The foot soldiers end up doing time, the king pins rarely get caught.
  20. That’s what I’m saying. It’s been like this for decades. All this “raise them better” talk is futile when the culture has always been sexually charged. That’s why I would never let my younger siblings go to any events like this knowing how thirsty man dem are. No one here is victim blaming, we live in reality. Soca, dancehall, carnival etc, has always been sexually charged and it ain’t changing anytime soon. Again, no woman should be violated but that’s how a lot of these guys are, especially in these kind of environments.
  21. This kind of goes back to how a woman is dressed will change how men will perceive or treat them. Certain guys will see a woman dressed half naked and think that she’s opened to being treated like a slut. Is it right? Of course not but that’s the society we live in. I’m not victim blaming at all but that’s how a lot of guys think. Yeah, it would be great if parents raised their children better but even the best parents raise sexual deviants they aren’t aware of. Too many guys have the sheep mentality and won’t check their guy for moving like a d*ckhead. They're already making cat calling illegal in France. We’re heading that way in Britain soon. Because of those fools who don’t respect boundaries, the rest of us are gonna get penalised.
  22. True. And they know not to because they know repercussions are coming their way if they do. I’m not in any way defending these idiots. If they did that to any of my cousins, they’re getting fucked up on site. But that’s why we don’t want our younger daughters/sisters/aunties walking around half naked at night because pieces of shit will prey on them. I’m just a realist. All this “raise them better” talk ain’t gonna stop this culture. It’s too deeply ingrained. The best you can do is mitigate it the best way you can.
  23. It’s the reality we live in. I don’t move like that and none of my boys do. However, there are guys raised with good parents who will act like scumbags on the road because of the herd mentality. Yeah, it’s easy to say raise young boys better so they don’t assault, rape, murder but guess what? They’re always going to exist. The only way to mitigate incidents like this is to either have women protected by men who’ll check any guy trying it or just avoid events like this. I’m not even condoning what these thirsty guys are doing but they’ll always be about. What’s the point saying some pointless “raise them better” when the horse has already bolted from the stable?
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