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  1. Adults riding to work on scooters. Parents “walking” their children to school on scooters, taking up the whole damn pavement. No wonder there are so many obese children. When do they ever use their legs?
  2. I hear you. I prefer black women but I’d be lying if I said I haven’t seen/beat some bad Arabs. Could never wife though. Some of these Persian women though >>>> (InB4PersiansArentArabButCaucasians post)
  3. Different strokes. An 8-9/10 Arab woman at her peak is hard to compete with. But black women age the best if they stay on point.
  4. Arab women for the most part age almost as badly as white women. Throw in some whoredom and that’ll expedite the process. In their prime though, they’re in a league of their own. Alhamdulillah!!!
  5. Let’s not delude ourselves. Being in single parent household doesn’t condemn a child to failure but having both mum And dad there is a much better head start to have. Of course there are exceptions if one of the parents isn’t fit for purpose but most of the time, that comes out of poor decision making. You can can’t get knocked up by a wasteman and expect him to change once a baby arrives. Also, the village mentality is gone. How many of us really know our neighbours? Did my parents know every single thing I was doing? Of course not, but I was shook to act a fool on the road in case a family friend or relative saw me. That has changed with this generation. The previous generation has really failed us.
  6. We can’t get mad at where they aim the gun if we constantly supply them the ammo.
  7. These judges need to be investigated or held to task when they give out these lenient sentences to paedophiles or domestic abusers.
  8. DM >>>>> undefeated with their fukery.
  9. When you speak to most black women, you’ll realise how rampant it is in our community. It’s only now there are more platforms for discussion that we realise it isn’t race specific.
  10. From CEO of Roc-A-Fella to a gossip monger. What a fall from grace.
  11. Plot twist: And this is why I never cape for these hos. If I see one in distress, I keep it moving. Everyone else should do the same.
  12. Trust. When I visited NYC, I took the wrong train and ended up in The Bronx. These Puerto Rican’s or Dominicans got on, and I swear I’m not exaggerating, they said the n-word at least 30 times a minute. NYC to America is like Catalonia to Spain: it is its own completely different culture.
  13. He’s all over the national papers now. He might as well delete the life file and start a new campaign.
  14. True, but if it makes them think twice before associating with foolish people, then at least there’s a silver lining there.
  15. Joint Enterprise. Not sure if this will work as a deterrent or not.
  16. I think everyone’s entitled to find a comedian unfunny. But you’re taking his jokes personal because they hit close to home. I don’t get how people can watch comedy/ go to a show, laugh at jokes about other groups, but when it comes to their own “oh this comedian is offensive and unfunny.” I can’t respect selective outrage.
  17. I guess it’s all jokes until it hits close to home.
  18. Retrospective outrage. Can’t stand “black” twitter.
  19. Liverpool fans are gassed. Acting as if the season ends in December. City have got this.
  20. Hope they get a long sentence. Absolute d*ck heads.
  21. Let me know when someone has been stopped and searched or been refused a job for being ginger.
  22. Mourinho finessed United nicely. From the moment he was staying in a hotel and not even looking for a residential home, you knew he wasn’t serious. Man strung the missus along without having to move in with her. And say what you want, but he was at United for less time than both Klopp and Pochettino have been at their respective UK clubs, but he has won more trophies at United than they have combined.
  23. Stop. There’s a way you go about it. Posting passive aggressive tweets just as your manager gets sacked is completely classless. Who would want someone like that in their team?
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