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  1. A Gambino inspired topic - Africa, Egypt etc...

    Blatant Egypt was multiracial. Mixed race master race.
  2. President Donald Trump Thread

    Why did he take his top off, like what was that suppose to prove? These men are trying to meme irl shits getting weird.
  3. 2017 Hot Summer

  4. White Twitter

    I thought black twitter was a lols-cow until i went down the rabbit hole of the true dark side of twitter. Ffs.
  5. Tommy Robinson Troll watch

    Crazy to think a school like that exists in a tolerant society. I feel sorry for the kids warping their minds from early. They will now grow up ignorant and stubborn.
  6. Manchester Arena Explosion

    manny accent <<<
  7. London Bridge incident

  8. London Bridge incident

  9. General Election 2017

    Crazy mindset. basically saying if the British government dropped a bomb on Moscow the British public ought to get bombed in response.
  10. President Donald Trump Thread

    It's sad that today we have to reinforce facts ("Climate change is real") in all of these alternative facts conspiracies flying around (climate change is a hoax, flat earth, white genocide etc). Makes me wonder if Trump even believes in climate change lol. Scary times.
  11. Rating Chicks

    this must be some sort of haram
  12. President Donald Trump Thread

    Nah, i swear Donald Trump doesn't rate anyone FFS
  13. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Maybe because they are both British and he didn't see his self as such. Maybe he wanted to deny Tyrone's future Becky's.