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  1. FlameyPose


    Curious: How can you tell if a girl has herpes if she doesn't tell you?
  2. FlameyPose


    LOOOL. In the scenario OP has painted The girl can and will lie she got her dinner date now shes trying to scare you so she doesn't have to give up the V Respond by saying you have herpes and watch how she reacts or just ignore her BS
  3. FlameyPose


    Still would bang You man are getting fooled it's a SHIT TEST EDIT:: Or Tell Her You Also Have Herpes...
  4. FlameyPose

    2017/18 Cold Winter

    And the temperature is still in single figures. Going to be a-long upcoming spring.
  5. FlameyPose

    uk-rap Fredo

    @ag. Said Fredo has nursery rhymes so in my mind that makes him another Ramz but inna real life obviously Fredo is better.
  6. FlameyPose

    uk-rap Fredo

    So just another Ramz?
  7. They'll probably be a new po**rn section about 2 guys getting pregnant "Creamtube" That's what society will come to cause of clowns saying it's 2018 bla bla...
  8. FlameyPose

    The Picture Thread (NO Chicks or NSFW) pt2

    Isn't that the same guy from "LOOK AT DI STRENGTH"
  9. The implications are a lot stronger than 2 guys having a child. When you meet your partners parents you expect a Father and Mother In the future we'll have Mother , Mother . Mother , Father . and Father , Father combos.
  10. FlameyPose

    2017/18 Cold Winter

    The blade is longer than my D ( i think ) ! They look fresh off the boat , can't be looking like that in 2018. I swear Croydon is getting a Westfield? Stratford MK2
  11. FlameyPose

    Italy racist shootings

    This is why he shot them ( the random people ) "The autopsy found that blood and urine were missing from the remains, which had been sliced up in an "apparently scientific" way. Further lab tests will be made next week, prosecutors said" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Out of the 17 million Brexit supporters how many have access to guns? cah dem man are promising civil unrest if/when Brexit's cancelled Not sure if they will go for all non-whites though i thought they hated a certain religion more...
  12. FlameyPose

    Orignal brits were black

    White Lives Matter
  13. FlameyPose


    wt*f is an "I phone"? "Iphone" and yh mad ting !!
  14. FlameyPose


    She's defo a 8 out of 10