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News and pics from the Asia Game Show

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Yo, as some of you know I'm a writer for a newish Playstation 3 website (stbps3.com).

Anyways I got back from Hong Kong recently and went to the Asia game show whilst I was out there. It was pretty good, but most of it was Sony and Microsoft and Nintendo didn't even bother showing up. But out there its largely Playstation 3 and PSP, I don't think the others even come close in terms of market share.

There was lots of noise being made by Sony with loads of floor space given up to the Playsation Network and the PSP. The rest was given up to the full games and I got to play God Of War, which looks nextly violent. I'm talking limbs and heads getting ripped off. Played Heavy Rain as well - this looks strong. Its got a weird control set though - you use R2 to walk forward, and your speed of movement depends on how far you've got the trigger pulled down. Still good.

The big show off was Gran Turismo 5. Was totally staggered by the visuals on this game. At the show they even wheeled in a buffed up car to promote the game:


I was a baffled at the decision to use a Toyota Corolla though.

Anyways, check out the article here:


And the Flickr photostream:

And here are some tits:


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Nope I wish. I've got some family out there and I go every year for Christmas and new Year - I got pretty lucky that the AGS was on at the same time

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What baffled me about Heavy Rain was that it was still being worked on. The PS3 I was playing it on was a dev PS3, and had all sorts of debug messages on the screen. Weird because God of War looked finished but its got a later release date than Heavy Rain

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