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Steam Update

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Major features-

* Complete overhaul of Steam client UI design to improve discoverability of features and to better expose all the information related to games in your library

* Complete overhaul of in-game overlay UI design to create a richer in-game experience exposing context sensitive information related to the game you are currently playing

* New game details view, presenting a detailed view of all the information for a single game in your library

* New grid view, presenting a graphical view of your game library

* New news page in the store/client/overlay which aggregates from Valve related news sites, official community groups, and third-party gaming news feeds

* New downloads view in the client, making it easier to track your progress downloading new games or game updates

* New Steam store design, including more integrated community features, improved recommendations, and improved video and screenshots viewing (and much more!)

General improvements:

* Now using a WebKit based rendering engine for the client and in-game overlay web browsing components (replacing Internet Explorer)

* Improved speed of in-game overlay web browser

* Improved search functionality on the Steam news page

* Web pages which use confirm() or alert() calls in javascript no longer break the in-game overlay web browser

Beta is up! To check it out, visit THIS link and select Steam as the application.




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