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MJ estate signs new record deal

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Michael Jackson Estate Distribution Deal a $250 Million Deal. For once, the estate of the King of Pop Michael Jackson is the recipient of good news. The estate has landed a $250 million distribution deal from Sony.

The deal lasts for 7 years and has up to 10 projects, included DVDs, previously unreleased songs, and even video games.

Rob Stringer of Columbia Records, which is a Sony Label says the following “There may be theater. There may be films and movies. There may be computer games — or multimedia platforms that I don’t know about today that will happen in 2015.”

Since Jackson died in June, 2009 approximately 31 million of his records have been sold worldwide, showcasing that people love Micheal.

pity they only realised he had fans after he dies. when he was alive his fans were seen as freaks

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Guest Malcolm Tucker

lol the fact mj owns the rights to the Beatles makes any debts insignificant tbh

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