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Mediafire is the easiest to download from for free

Rapidshare is the most popular for people who buy accounts - if you're gonna host on here I'd make sure you have an alternative as well

Filefront has a good folder structure for hosting if you wanna host multiple files (I think, that's what Logan uses anywhow)

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Just need to post this tracklisting here my computers playing up

Tracklisting to my show on Urban FMTV, I now have a new show 10pm til Midnight on Saturdays.

2 Deep - I does this

Jendor and NE - Up And Up

musical mini - freestyle

J beatz, Big H, Skepta, Boss man - Life and Death

Skepta, Big H, Bossman - Over the top 2

Take Note Toxic and flawless - Specialist Flows

Jack Daniels, Og's - Real Og's

Warlock - Wooo Riddim

Kozzie - Wooo Riddim

Terrosum - Wooo Riddim

Rec - Wooo Riddim

Mik, Flash G - Earthquake 2 Freestyle

Scorcher - Cold Blooded

Guvnor, Scorcher - Martian Attack

Scorcher, Mercston, Ghetto, Dirty Danger - Over Here

Killer P, Flash G - Stressing out

Trilla, Lady L, Predz - U R A Star Remix

Killer P, Flash G - Number 1

Flawless - Punchline Daddy


Skepta - Dirty

Splurt - Mayfair

Dot Rotten - Real Talk Remix

Wiley - Bird Riddim

Src - Goomba

Jack Daniels - Dangerous

Wiley - NightBus

Royal T - Kick out (Tease)

Wiley - NightBus

Nocturnal - Dont Phone Me

Screwfizzer - Giddy Up

Nocturnal - DubFire

Joker - Snake Eater

Hetik - Magic Circle

Dot Rotten - Pirate Radio Paridise

Wiley - Ice Pole Remix

Geenus - Midnight Remix

Wiley - Circle View

Geenus - Raggoo

Dot Rotten - Torpeado

Royal T - Gargoyle

Tnt - Transmission

****Intermission for the females****

Donell Jones - In the Hood

Misty Dubs - From Day

Teeza - Secret Level

Terror Danger - Piano Madness

Sx - Wooo

Dxp - Shut it down

Neon Beats - Bargin Bucket

Skream - Tek A Pill

Neon Beats - Dun Know the Dun Know

Youngstar - Fourmala

Neon Beats - Turbo Fire

Dot Rotten - Choices

Mr Snowman - Shining Star

Grimbo - Road Rage

Sukh Knight - Born Invincible

Tubby/Footsie? - Tiger Style

DXP - Broken Tooth VIP

Maniac - HeadShot

Jammin/Zinc - Hold On

Drew Andrews - Mary Land

Deset - Revenge

Merky Ace, Spooky - I dont Give a f*ck


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Audio of my show on Saturday 15th of May 2010 at UrbanFMTV.com remember you can catch my show every Saturday 10:00pm til 00:00AM GMT. Playing the best in grime.

If your on facebook I have also started up a group so you can get download links directly from there.

copy and paste this in your facebook search Bar THE UNDERGROUND NATION SHOW SATURDAYS 10 TIL 12 WWW.URBANFMTV.COM


Mad Vybez 15th May 2010


Big H - Freestyle

Ego - Deep on the roads

Maxsta - East London Is Back

Big H - Assasain

Skepta, Solo 45, Frisco - Solo's Back

Jme - Over Me

9 Millie Major, J Beatz - Rude Boy Ting

Jammer - Better Than

Nightshade, Flash G - Grizzle

Sharky Major, Dot Rotten, Devlin, P Money, Ghetto - Shark Attacks

Diesle, Jammer, C Gritz - Barking Fam

Griminal - Cha Ching

Flawless, Toxic, Skye - Breaking News

Trim - Monkey

Lil Nasty, Younga Hunga, Rude Kid - Badda than dem

Zebdiah, Flash G - When I Spunk

Big H, Bossman, Prez T - Hooligan Remix

MIK - Independence Day (Rival War Dub)

Flirta D - Everyone Knows

**Ladies Section***

Ginuwine - Pony

Maniac - What the Rass (Tease) (dont like this mix sorry)

Plasticman - Cha

Mariah Carey - We Belong Together

Nocturnal - Stay Down The Road

R Kelly - Ignition Remix

Terror Danger - Creepy Crawler Remix

Og's Vs Jack Daniels - Real Og's


Doctor P - Sweet Shop

Src - Angry German Kid

Swindle - Airmiles

Src - Fish Paste

Elmakay - Heroics

Src - Goomba

Rapid - Come On

A2 - Dead Air Refix

Jack Daniels - Dangerous

Rude Kid - Jack Daniels

Dan Da Man, So Solid - Woah

Scru Fizzer - Rollercoaster

Dj East Wood - You Aint Ready (Bass Mix)

Scru Fizzer - Giddy Up

Mr Fusion - On D Block

Drew Austin - Unleaded

J Beatz - Foundation Riddim

Drew Austin - Maryland

Maniac - Shangandy

Wiley - Terrible

SX - Wooo

Rockz - Wooo Remix

D.Dark - Mission Riddim

Geo - Shangralah

J Sweet - Kerb

Blazer - Swingers

Dxp - Blazer

Commander B - Pum Pum Riddim

Nasty Jack - Farakarn Riddim

Balistiq Beats - Ravage

Tnt - Nissi

Waifer - Fire Remix

Youngstar - Technique

Dxp - Steam Train VIP

Dxp - Pull Up Dat

Nasty Jack - Shabba Skank Riddim

Dxp - Weedman

Nasty Jack - Sky Juice Riddim

Dxp - Bars

Tnt - Unique

Dxp - Training Wheels

Terror Danger - Square Off

Youngstar - Salsa Remix

Remember to check the blog for audio/promo's


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Audio and tracklisting of last nights show

had Mik, Merky Ace, Ego, Nico Lindsay, Vigilants and Avalanche on the set

22 MAY 2010

Mad Vybez Vocal Selection Part Of The Show

Disturb man dem feat scorcher, unknown zee, skarface, rhymestein, frisco and flirta d - Bonus Track

Scorcher - Cold Blooded

Big H, Skepta, Bossman, J Beatz, - Life or Death

MIK, Spooky - Boiling Point Riddim

Maxsta, Voltage - Own Moves

Lee Brasco, Teddy - Lem Ting 3style

Take Note, Samalam - 5 Mad Man Ting

Trim, Roache, Obese, Balistiq Beats - Organised Grime

- Much Mangled

Ego, Bless Beats - No Joking

Maxsta, Terror Danger - I Promise

Stormin, Rude Kid - Way to Ghetto

Jammer - Better Than

Skepta - Nokia Charger Wire

Nationality, Low Deep - Nationality

Fire camp, Newham Gens, Slew Dem - 16 Bar

Stealf, Skeamz - Keep Telling Them

Ego, Killa Omen - 64 Bars of Shankage


Joker - Digidesign

Geo - Shangralah

Joker - Purple City

Joker - Tron

D-Structo - General Dissaray

Rude Kid - The Best

Mr Hazzy - Fat Slapper

***** MIK, EGO, MERKY ACE, FAMILY TREE TOUCH MIC Remember grime to 5 out 01/06/2010 ****

Swindle - Air Miles

Rude Kid - Electric

Skepta - UFO

Rude Kid - Leave Me Alone

Dot Rotten - Grime and Bass

Geenus - Raggoo

Nocturnal - Dont Phone Me

Rude Kid - Shark's Back

Scruface - Giddy Up

Rude Kid - Aftershave

Src - Fish Paste

Jack Daniels - Dangerous

Drew Austin - Maryland

A2 - Dead Air Refix

Dxp - Pull Up Dat

Joker - Snake Eater

Youngstar - Technique

Rude Kid - Window Cleaner

Teddy - Samurai

Dot Rotten - Joker

Rude Kid - Ufo Remix

Dxp -SteamTrain Vip

Ruff Squad - Anna

***Nico Lindsay, Avalanche AND Vigilants Touch set****

Sx - Wooo

Rude Kid - Winter

Maniac - Head Shot

Sukh Knight - Born Invincible

Skepta - Red Bull Academy

Drew Austin - Unleaded

Grimbo Beats - Road Rage

Royal T - Gargoyle

Wiley - Circle View

Exo Remedy - Lock Up

Footsie – 3 plates

Plastician - Vio-Lent

Maniac - Skenged Out

Sukh Knight - Diesal Not Petrol

Maniac - Thug

Dot Rotten - Torpeado

Hetik - Magic Circle

Vocal's= http://www.mediafire.com/?mykhc4w0eiw

Bars = http://www.mediafire.com/?etzmmj1jyzm#1


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Bumped this topic can it be moved to music room safe

Audio From 18-2-2011 www.urbanfmtv.com



Mike Lowrey – Little Nasty Pro. Skepta

Mike Lowrey – Rival

Mike Lowrey – Wiley

Mike Lowrey – JME

Mike Lowrey- Layzee

Pow 2011 – Mele Blend mash up

Bullapow – Santino

They Get Spun By Ba Boi – Blizzard Pro. Werewolf

Blaze Em – Dimples Feat Rival pro. Darkstar

Maxin Everything – Tre Mission

Drop A 16 – Darkos pro. G Tank

Stick With Me – Warlock

Duppy And Go – Warlock

Mike Lowrey – Skepta

Violata – Flava D

Angry Headbutt – Neon Beats

Duppy and Leave – MIK Accapella

Orite Rudeboy – NuKlear

Pow 2011 – Teddy Music

Pow 2011 – Santino

Thermz – Kaychi

Spartan – Krimson Mix

Orangeade – Royal T

Snow – Logikal Finker & Dj Haris Custovic

The Whistle Song – Royal T

Over Capacity – Spooky

Onion Ring – Santino

Dirty Date – Z Dot

Day Off – Santino

Grime Inc Remix – Mad Vybez

01902 – SX

Nanged Up – Myrikal

Bricks – SX

What You Got – Darq E Freaker

Last Phone Call – Teddy Music

Ceaser – Darq E Freaker

Devil Vs Saltfish – Maniac

Next Hoe – Darq E Freaker

Warped – Mr Slash

1000 Grams – Rachet

Spartan – Darq E Freaker Mix

Get Down Remix – Crayzee Bandit

Tazer – J Beatz

The Reverend – Crayzee Bandit

Barclays – Teddy Music

Dangerous – Jack Daniels

Wake Up (Electric VIP) – Flash G

Jack Daniels Remix – Spooky

Super Double Dash – Darkos

Winter Remix – Rude Kid

Zonk Knuckle – Darkos

Come Follow Me – Rude Kid

Sterling – J Beatz

Battlefield – Deset

Brandon – Maniac

Born Invincible – Sukh Knight

RIP Young Dot – Dot Rotten

Stop – Nocturnal

Headshot – Maniac

Shark’s Back – Rude Kid

Pass Out – UGS Remix

Also here is audio of my birthday set with Spooky, Kid Bookie, Nash Kid, Pawzah with Rapid hosting (look out for the next studio set out very soon)

High Quality Audio


Lower Quality Audio


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Been away for a little while back on UrbanFMTV bucked up with MC Flawless from Manchester and done a little practice hours set



With You – Terror Danger ft Shola Ama

Pow 2011 – Santino

Par Cesar Freestyle – Armzout, Darq E Freaker

Storma Freestyle – Storma, SX

Spartan Remix – Neon Beats

Kwam Freestyle – Kwam, Waifer

Day Off – Santino

In The Morning – Egypt

Bounce – Teeza

Bashment Woooo – Spooky

Pow 2011 Freestyle – NJ Fever

Broken Tooth VIP – Dexplicit

Blazer – Dexplicit

Take Off – Faze Miyake

Solitare VIP – Preditah

Ghetto Kyote – HK

Afghan – Teddy Music

Grime Hot – Sir Pixalot

Switch – Teeza

Trashman – Gremino

Dirty Date - Z dot

Super Mario Bros – Spooky

01902 – SX

Spartan Remix – Preditah

2010 – SX

Curry Chips – Spooky

Final Lap Remix – Spooky

The Reverand – Crazee Bandit

The Last Phone Call – Teddy Music

Get Down Remix – Crazee Bandit

Get Down – Mr Slash

Electro – Preditah

Gully Goon Estate – Terror Danger

No Dream – Marxmen and Alias

Finneskimo - Gremino

*note they have changed the player in the studio so the audio quality does not sound up to scratch but I shall be using media recorder in the future

Also if you have not already download the grime digital PODCAST



DJ Mad Vybez with Meshak Nasty and Spooky DJ. Lots of MCs inside too, Werewolf, So Street, Darkos, Krason, Pockets, Meth, Pawzah, Jay Phoenix, Armzout, K9, Cyko Logic & Flawless.

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Air Miles – Swindle

Snake Eater – Joker

Heroics – Emalkay

System Reboot – G Tank

Ghetto Kyote 2011 – HK

Super Mario Bros – Spooky

Trashman – Gremino

Spartan Remix – Krimson

Grime Hot – Sir Pix alot

Lock Of The Rave – Darq E Freaker

Beat Dem Up – Skola

???? – ?????

The Big Wok – Preditah

Skenged Out – Maniac

R HA – Charmzy

Magic Circle – Hektik

Gerrard Riddim – Spyro & Hektik

Are You That Somebody – Skepta Vs Aaliyah

Get Down – Mr Slash

Standard – General LOK

Gully Goon Estate – Terror Danger

Ordinary Day – Donnell Jones

Take Off – Faze Miyake

D.T.I Remix – Darkos

JD & Coke – Rude Kid

Jack Daniels Remix – Spooky

Jack Daniels – Rude Kid

Pull Up That 2011 – DXP

Aftershave – Rude Kid

Road Rash Remix – Wiley

Boy Of The Ting Remix – Dj Q

Put Your Hands – Santino

Thug – Maniac

Brandon – Maniac

Headshot – Maniac

Blaze Em – Dimples feat Rival

0121 – SX

Solitare VIP – Preditah

01902 – SX

Freestyle – Armzout

Reasons – Doctor P

Jawz – Dren

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