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I wanna cop a 32" TV to put on my wall. Haven't bought a TV in at least 7 years (probably longer) so don't really know what to go for

Is this cutting it?


Use the TOSHIBA7 code to bring this down in price by 10% to £249.74 (non-discounted price is £277.49)



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Guest Lens


what specs am I looking for and what manufacturers should I go for over the others?

Panasonic - Best overall brand, and best for picture

Samsung - best looking ( around the screen ) ( apparently )

Sony - best sound from TV ( doesn't apply if You're using a surround kit or anything ) but generally "overpriced"

LG - Similar quality to Samsung, priced lower because they don't "look" as good

every other brand is below these 2, i'd say Hitachi and Toshiba being the highest.

don't pay extra for 1080p at a size like 32", but anything higher and it's worth noting, for 32", i'd say settle for 720p, difference is less present.

also inputs. PC inputs is a bonus if Your pc doesnt have hDMi, means You can save the space of having a monitor and TV seperately, and watch Your films on Your pc in better quality.

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