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The term 'nigga'/'niggas'

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I don't really use the term myself, I've caught myself drop it once or twice but I think the usage of it in England is really changing. My dad used to use the word very occasionally, but only when talking about someone he disliked - 'di dutty negah' - but during the '90s/00s, I noticed it first getting popular when So Solid blew up. These days, it's commonplace everywhere.

I never liked the fact that it gave dumb white people in America the opportunity to say some sh*t like 'Well, if you guys call yourselves niggas, why can't we call you nigga?' - I've had to set so many people straight just off the coonery of Americans. Now British youts are doing it.

Personally I feel like it's a disrespect and yet another sign that kids are becoming brainwashed by American cooning. We'd never try and reappropriate jungle bunny or golliwog, can you imagine?

'Wha gwaan my golli'

'Dem gollis rolled up in my yard fam'

'Me and couple jungle bunnies are going raving, still'

It's mad.

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