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    1. Mount and Rice need to start in the center, Sancho and Sterling either side of Kane... after that all about the same
    2. I’m still in it but its dead cant remember who was the leader ? ico scene died for me when the initial crypto bubble popped But if you know any good channels drop em and ill look back into it trading alt coins has me eating this year but if I didn’t initially play it cautious I’d have retired by now, plus been looking into the tax for this... mad complicated compared to normal capital gains / NFTs anyone know any good eats ?
    3. Gerrard wins first league title Lampard sacked by Chelsea in his 2nd season.
    4. The irony considering they pretty much got him elected. Democracy is done btw election interference from outside sources influencing who gets into power is now more rife then ever, 2016 was just the tip of the iceberg.
    5. NJPW is you then / can’t stand Cornete chats so much shit OSW best podcast out
    6. yh defo imagine that scandal dropped in 2020 instead of 2012. guys are getting done for a lot less
    7. whats age got to do with it ? difference between using this and twitter? average age of user base here is prob 30+ anyway
    8. @Zizouz @O Fenomeno finally nailed it jumped back on during lockdown in play £100 on 1.5 goals first half if there is an early goal sit tight wait till odds for 1.5 is evens then double down if no goal wait till 30mins or evens then bet £100 on 0.5 to get the money back starter base for bets and adjust accordingly depending on team last weekend plus this midweek 🤑 goals goals goals Lets Go!
    9. Admin.


      would get swept
    10. dry cough difficulty brathing headaches muscle aches no real fever
    11. If the season gets null and voided ill jump back on football and even try make this place pop somehow
    12. Im pretty sure ive got it i refuse to go out before the forums
    13. Admin.


      is that the spin off? tasha what a hoe
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