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Mame Biram Diouf

Alchemist >>>>>

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one of my fav producers he gets it right every time. this will never get old for me


feeling his stuff with oh no too aint listen to the new album yet tho.

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0.01: The Alchemist - Chemistry Wars (01:23)

0.02: The Alchemist - Ten Dollars (02:12)

0.03: The Alchemist - Perfection (02:00)

0.04: The Alchemist - Lullabye (02:31)

0.05: The Alchemist - Gangster ~love~ Pt. 1 (01:55)

0.06: The Alchemist - Gangster ~love~ Pt. 2 (02:18)

0.07: The Alchemist - The Microphone (02:13)

0.08: The Alchemist - Pain (02:27)

0.09: The Alchemist - Far Left (03:34)

0.10: The Alchemist - Death Wish (01:59)

0.11: The Alchemist - Wet Wipes (02:21)

0.12: The Alchemist - Whole Lotta Thug (02:25)

0.13: The Alchemist - Killing Me (03:28)

0.14: The Alchemist - The Meeting (02:26)


yep skip the line

looked at homeboy like yo ur bitch is mine

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