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Davicious X

Street fighter X Tekken short film and other live action game crossovers

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This is actually pretty sick in comparison to some vids we've seen over the years. Enjoy

that was definitely sick for what it was

I sometimes think that only fans can ever do these live adaptations justice, but then again maybe they can just make stuff that appeals to other fans.

Like it probably wouldn't appeal to someone who didn't know sh*t about tekken or street fighter

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can rarely ever take these things seriously

certain things should never be live action - they are sick largely BECAUSE they are completely animated

the point of alot of the stuff in these games is that they can push the boundaries to literally anything, recreated by real people its ridiculous. picture a spinning bird kick done by a normal person in a film, its f*ck*ng hilarious.

fans will always make these kinda things and theres nothing wrong with that, but i still feel the better ones will always be regarded as 'great for what they are' as opposed to just great

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