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Me, Myself & Martin Laursen

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To his annoyance, Anthony witnessed Martin Laursen and his pro colleagues playing week after week in the Premier League in front of tens of thousands dedicated fans in both AC Milan and later Aston Villa.

But why was the outcome so different, when they’re the same age, same height, weighs the same and both right foot players? – That’s the big question, which Anthony – in a very straight forward manner – poses to himself and directly to Martin: Why did you become a star, when clearly it should have been me?!

This is the key question of the film, in which Anthony bravely attempts to learn who Martin Laursen really is, both as a pro football player, but also as a man; from his many successes to his deepest, darkest fears…

Anthony Tullberg discusses Martin’s strengths and weaknesses with many of his former colleagues and trainers, like Michael Laudrup, Paolo Maldini, Morten Olsen, Carlo Ancelotti, Martin Jørgensen, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Andriy Shevchenko, Andrea Pirlo, among many other top level pro football stars and personalities.

Join Anthony and Martin in a humorous and extremely personal journey on the road to success, but also to envy, ‘cause why in the world was it Martin, who became a Champions League winner – and a star…- when it should have been…Me?!


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