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Fantasy transfer window (Game)

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You have the chance to conduct transfers at your club for one summer transfer window only.

- All transfers and transfer values must be feasible and reasonable.
- You may not execute any more than 10 transfers in this window
- Your available net transfer budget is to be calculated as:
-  ( [Your clubs current position in the table] minus 26 ) multiplied by -£2,000,000

for example:

If your club is 5th at the point of posting you have:


5th - 26 = -21


-21 x -£2m = £42m


- You may also spend any income from player sales
- You are not permitted to exchange any of your playing staff for other players. Neither may you sell to a club you have purchased from or vice versa. (Loans do not count).
- You may not attempt to purchase any player with more than 3 years left on their contract.
- Players out of contract next summer may be released or signed, this does not affect your available transfers.
- Only players still under contract next summer can be sold.
- You may transfer players out on loan, outbound loans will be deducted from your 10 transfers.
- To keep things reasonable, inbound loans are not permitted. (Players returning from existing loans spell do not count).


I'll get the ball rolling....



United are currently 4th leaving me with a transfer kitty of 44m



Balance: 44m


Transfers out

1. Jonny Evans to West Ham, £8,000,000
2. Adnan Januzaj to Juventus, Loan
3. Nick Powell to Leicester, £2,000,000
4. Hernandez to Swansea, £16,000,000 (Bony money)
5. Juan Mata to Atletico Madrid, £20,000,000
Balance: 90m


Transfers in
6. Dani Alves from Barcelona, Free
7. Isco from Real madrid, 42m
8. Mats Hummels from Dortmund, 34m
9. Memphis Depay from PSV, 14m
10. Steven Gerrard from Liverpool, (Disguised in the form of a loan from LA Galaxy, with a verbal pledge to return the following summer).
Balance: nil

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Sell Delph to Liverpool - £7m

Send Cleverley back to Man Utd

Sack Lambert - £5m


Leaves me with £28m


Loan Januzaj

Darren Fletcher - £4m

Beharino - £20m


+ give West Brom £8m for Tony Pulis and his staff.

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