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  1. Realz.

    hiphop Wise Words From Swizz Beats

    an honest interview
  2. Realz.


    C/S But not on the breast.
  3. Realz.

    GoldCoast NSFW Thread

    ^^ HO MY DIDDY!! pictures really do say 1 million things....
  4. Realz.

    Tyler Perry's Madea

    Madea is too funny, I prefer the stage shows though!
  5. Realz.

    Rihanna in a pink bikini

    RiRi & Amelle need me!
  6. Realz.

    That lego somalien yute

    LMAO @ thread
  7. Realz.

    People who know their jeans

    if you LOVE your kicks THEN you need to change the type of jeans your buying...RAW denim ruins kicks, FACT.
  8. Realz.

    making a gym playlist

    thank me later
  9. Realz.

    Beyoncé/Gaga - Video Phone

    Beyonce could be around as long as Madonna has been....
  10. Realz.

    hiphop 50 is fucked

    there isn't really a thing Ross can do, yes it is a PAR but its the baby mother doing this sh*t NOT 50....
  11. Realz.

    Rep Your Uni !

    obviously i don't appreciate or associate myself with people who act like the guys in the video....BUT..it is wrong/right for us to say that these type of people do not deserve a education (provided by Luton uni in this case)?
  12. Realz.

    Rep Your Uni !

    the f*ck is wrong with luton uni?i just don't get it nor do i want to understand it.....just stupid IMO
  13. Realz.

    hiphop Rick Rawse

    even though he talks what!?!are you dumb, Rick Ross is top 5!
  14. Realz.

    3 is givin me an offer

    its never about being on 3....BUT Smads..if you do not care for phones then that is a good deal...try press for a 12month!!
  15. Realz.

    Official MILF Thread

    get me, fake or not!