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  1. Wise Words From Swizz Beats

    an honest interview
  2. Nipples

    C/S But not on the breast.
  3. GoldCoast NSFW Thread

    ^^ HO MY DIDDY!! pictures really do say 1 million things....
  4. Tyler Perry's Madea

    Madea is too funny, I prefer the stage shows though!
  5. Rihanna in a pink bikini

    RiRi & Amelle need me!
  6. That lego somalien yute

    LMAO @ thread
  7. People who know their jeans

    if you LOVE your kicks THEN you need to change the type of jeans your buying...RAW denim ruins kicks, FACT.
  8. making a gym playlist

    thank me later
  9. Beyoncé/Gaga - Video Phone

    Beyonce could be around as long as Madonna has been....
  10. 50 is fucked

    there isn't really a thing Ross can do, yes it is a PAR but its the baby mother doing this sh*t NOT 50....
  11. Rep Your Uni !

    obviously i don't appreciate or associate myself with people who act like the guys in the video....BUT..it is wrong/right for us to say that these type of people do not deserve a education (provided by Luton uni in this case)?
  12. Rep Your Uni !

    the f*ck is wrong with luton uni?i just don't get it nor do i want to understand it.....just stupid IMO
  13. Rick Rawse

    even though he talks what!?!are you dumb, Rick Ross is top 5!
  14. 3 is givin me an offer

    its never about being on 3....BUT Smads..if you do not care for phones then that is a good deal...try press for a 12month!!
  15. Official MILF Thread

    get me, fake or not!