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  1. PopT

    Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    When Logan started on Kiss he could not mix fact and his presenting skills is shit
  2. PopT

    Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    But my point is he should not of got to that mainstream platform......... Mac 10, Karnage, Disel, DJ Scholar, even Jammer and Bossman should of got a call up before him I wouldnt of said nothing if Maximum or danny weed got the call up tbh
  3. PopT

    Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    I am reffering to Grime DJs
  4. PopT

    Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    Which DJ has been on air since day one and never brought a single person in, im proper baffled I dont blame Logan for taking the show at Kiss, but he did not deserve it but hey.... Charlie Sloth, Westwood, David Rodigan etc all got the call up first
  5. PopT

    Professional Afro-Caribbean/Black Barbers London

    Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets I can travel
  6. PopT

    Professional Afro-Caribbean/Black Barbers London

    Can anyone reccomend me a good barber in East London
  7. PopT

    The Music Video Thread

  8. PopT

    What does '1arda' mean?

    Do you think 1Arda originated in the UK lool
  9. Allegedly that is not Shortz, it's something stolen off the net.... shortz done something else gay
  10. PopT

    What does "It gets expensive" mean?

    It means the item they are wearing is expensive I.e Rolex, chain, loubs (Materialism)
  11. PopT

    Gangbanger Caught Getting Gangbanged

    That Beanz thing makes little sense to me, to go from having a girl, baby mum and a child to staring in a gay porno and doing all them mad things being tied up etc... i think he was drugged
  12. PopT


    It was a decent Interview, compared to many others I have listened to from other UK interviewers, such as NFTR
  13. PopT


    Give him some credit, its better than any NFTR Interview I have herd to date.
  14. PopT

    Life Of A Peeled G Part???

    The other stuff is justifiable its just the Rape i can't defend