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  1. I’m not 30 yet but COMFY right now Own 2 businesses, house on rent, due to cop 2 more next year.. have time and location freedom Internet businesses is where it’s at But I worked my ass off for this so proud of my blessings
  2. AwKwaRD

    Meek Mill

    8 tracks in its heat?
  3. Idea is dumb as fuck.. just open Instagram and you’ll see people flaunting shit.. people will always have more money than you and show off it’s life So what happens on non-school uniform day or they getting rid of that too? When kids come in with the best drip and others don’t.. you getting clowned either way
  4. Don’t let anyone piss on your back and tell you it’s raining
  5. Can’t lie I used to hate this dude but now I’m a fan, guys jokes
  6. Listened today.. very very lit solid 8/10
  7. Haye is so shit it's embarrassing.. nothing but a pay day for him
  8. AwKwaRD


    New album is straight fire Outro should of been a full tune issa vibe
  9. Like they say.. your not ugly, your just broke
  10. Weren't this don posted last year?
  11. Was more impressed at the way he dipped back in the whip
  12. China for a couple weeks for the Canton Fair in 2018.. will be a more of a business trip with a bit leisure, anyone been?
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