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  1. RaiKkoNen

    Work & Life

    Thinking about jacking work in and fucking off abroad (asia) for 6-9 months. Having those, 'is this life?' thoughts frequently at the moment. Anyone done this? Better still anyone who works in professional services? (I'm qualified at big 4). Anyone do this in audit Brem? Can't imagine they're letting you lot do this on the regs.
  2. RaiKkoNen

    afc Arsenal Summer Transfer Window

    Khedira wouldn't be my first choice, but the thought of Arteta crabbing around all season is filling me with dread. Think we need to bring in Schneiderlin/Khedira/Bender just so Arteta can come in against less potent teams.
  3. RaiKkoNen

    This is how they get down in Maga!!!!!!!!! (NSFW)

    only line ups i was involved in as a school boy was the football team.
  4. France been wack for over a decade & you think there's some glory hunting involved? LMFAO. I been on RWD/ViP2 for 10 years & counting, my support of France is well documented on here, it's been more heartbreak than success. Fair enough then, just testing the waters, too many glory hunters about once England get knocked out. Remembering their great great German grand fathers and shit.
  5. RaiKkoNen

    JA Wealth Scam

    Lol at paying a grand to have some fuckwits teach you concepts that they have no chance of grasping themselves.
  6. One of those I'll support France because they're decent 'fans' there. Like the Angolans claiming they're Portugese.
  7. RaiKkoNen

    Elliot Rodger Santa Barbara Shooting

    His parents failed. Guy was crazy, but based on that manifesto his parents are flops. But then again, he's an unreliable narrator, and probably would have end up killing a bunch of folks, his 'blonde girlfriend' and himself. America needs to take the L on this one and be happy that he had a shit kill streak. His arms probably got tired after firing off a magazine.
  8. RaiKkoNen

    The Red Flags

    In this exact same position atm. Bird's like 'I had a 'lesbian' thing with her before'. To be honest the red flags are everywhere now that I think about it, she only follows women on Instagram. The lad in me got excited at first, was picturing the potential threesomes. Put her on the redlist as soon as I got back after giving it some more thought. Will bang, no wifey.
  9. RaiKkoNen

    Text Game Vs Phone Game

    Mostly phone calls before cause man's text game was weak. But now that's it's improved, no preference. I always end up cutting conversations short anyway because deep down who's interested in what a link or a girl you met at a club as to say? Keep the conversation light and flirty and save everything else for when you're there in person. Only draw back with Whatsapp is the fucking 'last seen' and 'read' option. Making it real hard to ignore the creeps.
  10. RaiKkoNen

    Just ran riot in the bookies

    What? How?
  11. RaiKkoNen

    SIMP of the year...

    Looks like an awkward night out video. Asian guy pulled Asian birds, turns out to be too much of a simp to interact with her actual friends and ends up getting parred by opportunistic white guy. Nothing to see here That guy knew he could get away with it, although he'd have to stay in Asia to do that, cause he's not doing that to some bald headed Scouser on Seel Street. Muay thai kick to face.
  12. RaiKkoNen

    Girls Attitudes these days...

    Lens heard the word demographic and got all excited and shit. Also find the picture cringe worthy.
  13. RaiKkoNen


    Never swipe right for anything I'd be ashamed to have on my arm in public. The feeling when you bang a bird of Tinder
  14. RaiKkoNen

    The Budget 2014

    Reduced/removed the 55p tax you had to pay on drawing down a lump sum from your pension pot. A lot of people normally use their pension savings to purchase an annuity for a regular yearly income, think they've said they'll look at this closely and implement some change for more transparency, as the insurance companies were making a lot of money on annuities which were giving sub standard returns. But don't see how reducing/removing the 55p tax on draw downs would stop people from purchasing annuities though. As far as the ISAs go, they've increased the tax fee limit to 15k from around 11.3k, so you can pay in an extra 4kish into your ISAs before you lose the tax benefit which I guess is decent, don't get the hype with that, but should be welcome by the middle class. A lot of money to be made for tax advisors working with high net worth individuals now I guess, they haven't really done anything to corporation tax apart from increase Annual Investment Allowance to 500k from 250k, which I guess is a good boost for manufacturers looking to purchase plant & machinery in the next 2 years. One that stunned me the most was the stamp duty land tax on enveloped dwellings (residential houses owned by companies), reducing that threshold will catch a lot of 'middlers' who were doing this to avoid the 4% tax on sale of these dwellings, guess that's where they're looking to make some tax revenue from all the cuts they've had on pensions. Which is weird because about 20 years ago stamp duty made barely any revenue for the crown, and they wanted to scrap it entirely. Funny how it's a big business now.
  15. RaiKkoNen

    Your partners number

    Beta What a cringe worthy post. Only beta's give a fuck how many guys a girl they're seeing has banged. If you're getting serious with a girl who appears loose, you've failed anyway.