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  1. President Donald Trump Thread

    Deffo looks like a burglary type of guy
  2. 150 + 674 Thread

    http://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/15179975.UPDATED_WITH_PICTURES__Police_inspector_who_stole_confiscated_drugs_to_sell_to_criminals_is_jailed_for_26_years/ I remember this being posted few months back when trial started got found guilty and sentenced to 26 years.
  3. Why do some people hate on Bape clothing

    Not really, all they've done is increase the prices
  4. What Aftershave you man use?

    Creed aventus deffo overated nice fresh fragrance but dosent last long
  5. What Trainers Ya Feeling?

    Ur deffo a hipster There the same Silhouette
  6. What Trainers Ya Feeling?

    Best colourway i seen for these But £130........ Nahh But id rather have these over flyknits all day long

    He might have a similar car and just jacked pics the previous seller had, my boy tried to tell me to do this on Gumtree and Autotrader to seek out new customers.However it might not be the case in your cos you'd think the seller would hide the plate number imo. theyve slightly edited the spec as well and left out 1 photo from my ad that shows itthis leads me to believe there is a physical car tbh i went there and they were shuffling, said they sold the car 2 weeks ago and brushed me but all now the ad is still live.. taking my car to get looked at monday I think youll be alright mate But not to worry you, my mate used to sell ringers and would get a female to sell the car, also the car you have its unusual to have a female seller and have been getting stolen by keyless thefts. Is it a womans name on the v5 as last keeper?

    What car is it if you dont mind me asking Its very easy to end up buying a ringer nowadays

    In alphabet yeah, but imo CLA is big brother of A Class in features and pricing, or little brother to CLS in look. So below a C class then? Dont think the cla's status is below a c class if thats what ur thinking Cla is more of a compact and sleek saloon for the younger market Whereas the c class is for the more mature/older audience Cla also have strong residuals and holding their value well
  10. What Trainers Ya Feeling?

    Man actually thought he could go online and cop the yeezys
  11. Dont know whats so absurd about this, we know its true.Alot of working class white boys dont bother with college or a-levels they start apprenticeships or get jobs from 16yrs old and work there way up. Im not saying it in a negative way, in the long run they end up more properous than the people who went uni unless its medicine, dentistry etc etc
  12. we want our country back bbc3

    Remember they guy abusing the old turkish man on the bus He got locked up for 16 weeks http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3305610/Chef-threw-Muslim-pensioner-s-walking-frame-London-bus-racist-rant-jailed-16-weeks.html Dumb c*nt has a muslim name

    Tape is decent http://youtu.be/gwXIqcOZxq4