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  1. Reebok graphlite hexalite
  2. Best pod out right now https://open.spotify.com/show/5N9dP8JWANiBGrep3mSim6?si=cKRLRBc4QAy83vbNzN0mhA
  3. Got a trim just b4 lock down so been around 3 weeks now Always wanted to let my hair grow out to see how it looks and now with nothing to do nowhere to go ect this is the perfect opportunity! I got clippers so If I decide enough is enough it'll just be a 1 level ting. No shape-up
  4. Tunes not that bad tbh And that's s-x, wooo riddim s-x
  5. "Unfortunately, the only bitch is your mum" Iccucyfu. Mustsujccmmccjduryrduhc 😂😂😂
  6. Someone showed me about these recently >>>>>>>
  7. Hope he gets smashed again in the rematch - dont really like Charlie. Sunny >>>>>
  8. kerser


    Tempz seems to think hes been blocked since he deaded them in this
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