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  1. What did envy mean when charla was like bey and kim arent in the same lane And he blurts out "The bad mommy lane" Was a few awkward seconds after that What a clown
  2. The Flyest

    di Narndos

    It be like that sometimes
  3. who else cringes when they read their old old posts on here / everyone was so happy
  4. The Flyest

    The Weeknd

    / is everyone going to start doing this 2 tracks in one 8 minute thing now yeah 2nd part better though
  5. The Flyest

    The Weeknd

    New material from the new album 'Kiss Land'
  6. argh my eyes when that youth drops she needs to redeem herself with another porno
  7. no idea what to do at these times of the night
  8. fam Ykno the cougars would be OUT FAM FAMMMMM
  9. The Flyest

    Eating p*ssy

    imhim made john sign a non-disclosure agreement imo the canary wolf business knowledge
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