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  1. The Busby Babes and the 50's

    Every football fan learns about the Munich disaster whilst young but I don't think the sentiment really hit me until I started to read up on the teams achievements and the individuals themselves. This was more than a team of potential, they were already 2x League title winners 2x European Cup Semi finalists, nearly did the 1st double the year before the crash. I watched the 1957 FA Cup Final in full and it was a farce how they lost it tbh. The team got to the 1958 FA Cup Final again, despite losing 8 of their players 3 months before. The team was made up mainly of youth team players. 3 starters of the England team were lost which affected their 58 World Cup chances. Roger Byrne Captain of Man U, his wife found out she was pregnant a few days after he died. Tommy Taylor, top striker, 16 in 19 for England, the record would have probably been his not Bobby Charlton's in all honesty. Duncan Edwards, died at 21, hard to describe the potential this boy had. Probably the most gifted footballer this country ever produced. I am reading Edwards' self written book on his short life and football. I was shocked to learn he had written something so early in his career at such a young age. He was an old wise head, naturally right footed but with enough insight to train his left to be as good as his right as a kid. I saw him take the corner in the 57 Cup final which Taylor scored the header from with his left foot. He was something else, Man U debut at 16 (still the record) England debut at 18 (broken 40 years later by Michael Owen) he was a prodigy. If you see the detail with which he talks about football in his book it's apparent Man U lost more than a player, he was a philosopher in the vein of Cryuff. I'm convinced he would have been groomed and taken over as Manager when Busby left in 69. So the success in the 70's was potentially lost aswell. I recently went to his home town of Dudley to pay my respects, saw his statue in town, went to the archives where they have some of his shirts and caps, went to his grave aswell, was a wonderful day. Just thought there should be a thread focusing on this era of football and in particular the jewel in the crown which was this team that perished.
  2. The Video Thread part 2

    That's crazy, he had it hard. Always liked Stanna.
  3. RIP Craig Mack

    ^ Tru R.I.P Some of these rappers going way too young.
  4. The Video Thread part 2

  5. R.I.P Stephen Hawking

    Was 76. Them ones you never expect to hear. Extraordinary life.
  6. Domestic Violence

    I wish I could have come across this advice before I was 18. Most people on here know the situation I was involved in but what they know little about is the months that led up to it. The girl got me birded for something else, I was pissing razor blades for a sec cos she caught an std of someone, there were enough signs tbh but the sex was amazing and it was hard to make that clean break. Musta tried about 5 or 6 times and it would usually end with my mum ringing me telling me she's outside ringing the doorbell. A female friend wrote me a long essay on her and why she is no good for me, I kinda read the 1st paragraph and rolled my eyes, wasn't trying to hear any whining, still got the letter 17 years later, read it in full properly when I found it a few months back. The moment I snapped was when she tried to disrespect my mother, didn't think about it to be able to assess the situation in all honesty and I should have been out of the situation before that moment so it was my fault no question. I had a lucky escape cos I could have been killed a few times from issues regarding next man she got me in and I could have even did some madness that I would have been lucky to have been getting out now for. But since we split the madness has stayed in her life, she's been jail, lost custody of her 1st child and lost custody of her new born just over Xmas from what I hear. I've been with my current over 15 years with no similar incidents or any madness so I know the way I was with her wasn't me. People can bring out the worst in you, I probably had the worst experience of all though, would make a movie tbh, but if there are any positives I'm glad I went through it young.
  7. Milan really made Arsenal in the blue kit come like late 90's Parma wid Thuram and Crespo. Bonaventura is trash. Kessie is trash. Now I see why Rodgers got rid of Suso, straight garbage.
  8. El Neny come piece like Bebe. But the homeless version.
  9. I don't even wana laugh anymore.
  10. The Video Thread part 2

    Bossman >>>> Might need a munch now still ffs
  11. The Video Thread part 2

    I get butterflies in my stomach when I see Syleena I swear. Yo!
  12. Podcasts

    18:30 for the story Godcast >>>
  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/43324994 Marcus McGuane made his Barca debut. Kinda.
  14. 2017/18 Cold Winter

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-england-43320649 This crash was nutz. Forced the minibus under the lorry ya kna.