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  1. Harvey Weinstein

    https://amp.theguardian.com/film/2017/dec/15/peter-jackson-harvey-weinstein-ashley-judd-mira-sorvino Fucked still. Messing wid the green for not giving up the pink.
  2. Babe Alert

    Caty Cole Nsfw Would hang out the back of that like a turd with too much fibre in it.
  3. Babe Alert

    Dunno bruh
  4. Babe Alert

    Found out that is my cousins half brother still. World too small.
  5. Babe Alert

  6. Solar System with 8 planets found

    Tuned in to the live Nasa telecast few hours ago. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/nasa-announcement-today-space-agency-exoplanet-latest-google-artificial-intelligence-a8111256.html?amp Was found using neural networks working on previously collected data. The solar system is 2500 light years away so virtually impossible to tell wether life exists in it or not but still a significant find as it proves our solar system is not as unique as some believed. They named it Kepler 90 after the telescope which collected the data. Thoughts?
  7. Relationships

    What reasons contributed to the fall of your past relationships? Do you regret not doing enough? Does anybody ykno have a relationship you really admire? If yes what do you think makes it work? Or are long term relationships (5+ years) just a myth nowadays.
  8. People who duck calls

    Do you know anyone who is just impossible to get on the phone? But when they want something they are quick to pick up the phone. Had any big arguments with said people? How did it play out?
  9. Week 16 & 17 - 17/18 Premier League

    Yeah just seen it, unlucky still. Zaha is giving these full backs work.
  10. Winter has arrived

    LOL was poor but kinda funny. If he had dropped it b4 miz it woulda worked.
  11. Bitcoin

    Got some Xenon coins added to my eth cold wallet balance? Just used Revolut to exchange to eth aswell, simple process tbh I like it. Not a fan of their slow payments from the account though, they don't use faster payments and the payment doesn't even come via your account.

    Was rooting for them but it's getting silly now. LiAngelo is an idiot for getting in trouble still.
  13. Goat theme tune Woat theme tune

    [Ade]The best musics of my life![Ade\] Big up the man who have stood up in their bedroom with their eyes closed, hands behind back when this dropped before kick off.