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  1. Summer Transfer Thread 2014

    southampton wasting all that gwop Trust me. Coulda got Beckford for £1mill.
  2. R.I.P Robin Williams

  3. R.I.P Robin Williams

    Ahhhhhh ffs R.I.P 1 of the sexiest women in the black and white era.
  4. The Music Video Thread

  5. The Music Video Thread

    Khaled got them patronizing bars for days lmao I can imagine Lens using lines like that.
  6. Upcoming Movie Trailers/Movie Speculation

    With Kid Cudi, looks ok
  7. Orange Is the New Black

    Next Year bro
  8. R.I.P Robin Williams

    Pic BBC used. Eeeeeee That winning swags.
  9. R.I.P Robin Williams

    The mind is strong regardless of how much money you got left in the bank. RIP Ykno you're a Robin Williams fan when you see mind and pronounce it like the 1st syllable in Mindy ffs. R.I.P to the big homie.
  10. What clothes are we feeling?

    Lmfao That give me an hour I'm sending the money via Western Union drop.
  11. Cold Leads

    I'm the type of nigga that blows in the cartridge, I will dash the game before I start from the beginning again.
  12. What clothes are we feeling?

    Problem went on 106 & Park Fila'd out.
  13. Water Safari In South London

    Jesus wept.
  14. Black Jesus

    Never really got into Boondocks but will give the pilot a peep.
  15. Worst Way You Have Been Turned Down?

    Nice guys...