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  1. MrUnderground_


    Anything you recommend to do out in Bali or anything you wish you had done out there?
  2. MrUnderground_

    RIP Craig Mack

    Now he's gone, people are listening to his demo. Need to pay homage to these rappers whilst they walking on earth
  3. MrUnderground_


  4. MrUnderground_

    Any webdesigners?

    Looking for a website designer! Doesn't matter what you specialise in or what kind of website you've designed before. If your work looks the part, we'll be able to reach the goal. Leave links of your portfolio/work in the topic. Willing to pay if your work meets what I'm looking for. There's no time for timewasting.
  5. MrUnderground_

    Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Icos Topic

    Bless for that! Signed up to Binance, we'll see what happens next. I'll report back in a few months...
  6. MrUnderground_

    Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Icos Topic

    Salutations... I've been searching for weeks now, but where can I purchase these alt-coins? A good outlet/exchange platform.. Coinbase is decent, but restricted
  7. MrUnderground_

    VPN.. Anybody use this?

    Trust me! Why I had to come ask you humans
  8. MrUnderground_

    VPN.. Anybody use this?

    Torrents my friend...
  9. MrUnderground_

    VPN.. Anybody use this?

    Virtual private network. Blocking your IP address & internet movements from the public n other bloodsuckers
  10. MrUnderground_

    VPN.. Anybody use this?

    Curiosity is telling me to get involved with this. Can't find no good info on this, so I'd prefer to hear it from an actual person who'd most likely cut the bull. Recommendations of any softwares will be valued. Ps. First post
  11. MrUnderground_


    Avoid mouthwash with flouride
  12. MrUnderground_

    Craig davids best tune?

  13. MrUnderground_

    house Official Mix CD & Sets Thread