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house Track Rinsing (Bassline/4x4)

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A little spin off thred from the house thread, as I'm still trying to get more people listening to BasslineList the tunes you can't help but do the gunfingers to and skankA small selection of mine atm:InstrumentalsB Squared (Krissi B & Mikey B ) - Blue AnglesShocka D & Krissi B - Baby Don't GoDeadly Vs. Swifta Beater Vs. A[dot]R - Battle for the TitleDJ Lyelly - In H Town ('09 Remix)Enigma - Dis Ain't Over/Won't Be Missing YouGS - Hey GirlGS & Krissi B - I'll Eat Your Liver/SatanMikey B - I Love You SoIcebreaker - Bassline FMA[dot]R - Game OverSwifta Beater - Kill All A Dem (EJ VIP Remix)/I Want YouSubzero & Piddy'Py - Club VibesDJ Pantha - Do Not Play This Tune!!/Team Get Loco Fear (Shut Up)VocalsDeadly ft. Mayhem - R Ya Dumb (Showerface)J69 - Get Milli Get MadSwifta Beater ft. Lady L - A Milli (Bassline Remix)Wittyboy ft. Slick Don, Flirta D & Asher - Clack ClackMr V ft. Bomma B - West Midlands Say Oi!Bassboy & Swifta Beater ft. J1 - Cider and BlackDeckstar ft. Sleeka & MP - Style and FlowBassboy ft. SG & R9 - Shut It DownR1 - Skank In The DarnceAngle ft. Gemma Fox - GirlfriendDJ Q ft. Bones - Back It UpEmvee ft. Trilla Jermaine Trilloski - None of ThatMerkury & TRC ft. Sony - Peter Pan

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