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afc Stan Kroenke increases his stake in Arsenal

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Stan Kroenke has increased his stake in Arsenal, intensifying the belief that the American could launch a takeover of the club.The billionaire businessman has steadily strengthened his position since becoming the largest stakeholder in May. He now owns 28.7 per cent of the club and would be forced to launch a formal takeover bid under Stock Exchange rules should his holding go above 29.9 per cent. He bought 80 shares at £8,500.Kroenke, who is on the board, held a 12.38 per cent stake one year ago, but has since bought shares from the Carr brothers and Danny Fiszman, a director who was formerly the club's biggest shareholder.The club's initial antipathy towards Kroenke - Peter Hill-Wood, the chairman, claimed that Arsenal did not want "his sort" - has been reversed in the attempt to fight off Alisher Usmanov, the Russian billionaire. Kroenke’s allies have effectively sidelined Usmanov, who is the second largest stakeholder with 25 per cent of the club.Usmanov could attempt to team up with Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith, who is the club's third-biggest shareholder with 16.8 per cent, but he would be unlikely to obtain enough support from smaller shareholders to obtain control.Arsenal’s shares were quoted at £7,550 today.Who owns what at ArsenalStan Kroenke 28.7 per centAlisher Usmanov (Red and White Holdings) 25 per centDanny Fiszman 16.11 per centLady Nina Bracewell-Smith 15. 9per centOthers 17.49 per centPeter Hill-Wood 0.8 per cent

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