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Richard Blackwood's Sister Lying ?

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An "excited" Naomi Campbell told dining companions that she had been given a gift of diamonds by warlord Charles Taylor, Mia Farrow has said, disputing the supermodel's claim under oath that she did not know the origin of the gems.

The American actress appeared today at the trial of Mr Taylor, Liberia's former President, who is indicted by the UN for war crimes for his role in supporting brutal rebels in neighbouring Sierra Leone's civil war between 1996 and 2002.

Wearing a dark pinstripe suit with a black waistcoat, Mia Farrow, 65, told the court in The Hague that the British model had told her, and three of her children, that men, representing Mr Taylor, had given her a diamonds, or diamonds, following a dinner hosted by Nelson Mandela in 1997.

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”Naomi Campbell joined us and before she even sat down she recounted the events of the evening. She said that in the night she had been awakened. Some men were knocking at her door. They were sent by Charles Taylor and they had given her a huge diamond,” she said.

”Naomi Campbell said they came from Charles Taylor.”

The award winning American actress said that she had phoned the model last year to plead with her to give evidence against Charles Taylor after the supermodel refused to testify, eventually being subpoenaed to appear under threat of imprisonment on August 5.

“I thought I would give her a call and tell her how important it is that she took part in these proceedings,” she said.

Miss Campbell, giving sworn testimony to the UN war crimes court last Thursday, had insisted that she did not know the identity of two men who gave her three "dirty looking pebbles" following the charity event in Pretoria.

Prosecutors and UN judges pressed Miss Farrow three times on whether the British model had said the diamonds came from the African warlord, something Miss Campbell repeatedly denied.

“Naomi Campbell entered the room where my children and I were already eating breakfast. As I recall it she was quite excited and said, in effect, 'oh my god, in the middle of night I was awakened by knocking at the door. It was men sent by Charles Taylor and he sent me', as I recall, 'a huge diamond.”

UN prosecutors have accused Mr Taylor, 62, of taking illegally mined diamonds from Sierra Leone insurgents in return for weapons that were used in a campaign of terror which killed 120,000 people and included child enslavement and mutilation atrocities.


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sh*t let the bald bitch breathe.




The way she got me vex with her stinking attitude last week jeez


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