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Dolphin boy

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When Morad was suspected of trying to seduce a girl, her relatives kidnapped and brutally tortured him. The attack was so brutal, and the emotional scars so deep, that Morad, suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder, disconnected himself from the world around him.

When doctors tell his father that dolphin-assisted therapy is the last option to prevent Morad being committed to a psychiatric institution, his father knows what he has to do.

He sells everything, and leaves his job and family to move to Dolphin Reef on the Red Sea, vowing not to return unless the boy achieves full recovery.

This is the tale of a parent's patient and tender love, and the friendship between a teenage boy and the group of dolphins intended to help him heal.

True Stories commissions and showcases the best international feature documentaries

Sounds interesting..

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Watched in on catch up, was deep what happened to him. He literally turned into a zombie for a year.

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