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  1. bigz flight of the navigator is f*ckED
  2. jay dont want it with beanie.....what ya life like one of my favorite trackssmh at what jay z said about beanie at the court house why beanie got denied bale(if its true)
  3. went to the screening today, the film was suprisingly very good, no glorification was very real
  4. smh at thiswatch for the video to his track Dark Knight though, very serious
  5. smh at obama winning this when he's give in 3 billion dollars in aid to israel, half of what the us give to the whole world
  6. pyrouk


    smh isnt this small sas hate getting old now, WHERE IS THE YANK ACCENT?? maybe in 01 slightly
  7. yeah alicia lost points for me, hypocrite
  8. its terrible, he ever her a&r is shouldget fired - flo-rida?
  9. i like it all apart from the dr dre track sthey sound of place, albums hard. feeling the ason jones track very vvery deep
  10. albums very good overall, couple dead tracksstar is born, mr hudson track, jeezy track and empire state of mind is crazy............shux produced that he from uk he done alot of sways bits - little derek ect sick producer
  11. yeah bigz and his brother zaza go hard witht eh garms and creps. looking forward tot he video
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