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  1. Why then it will be even darker in the winter going to work Leave it
  2. Don't do it all the time lool some girls even to scared to get their feet out
  3. I love women's feet smelly or not let me massage them some women's feet though ? ?
  4. I knew u wasn't serious from when u gave my number out and I was chatting to ur friends
  5. So how was it fake u didn't enjoy are conversations until u got locked up
  6. OK I hold my hands up to u mike u more sezy a betta shag pure god in the sheets if u want a good time this guy is ur man
  7. Going to try and not spend the day playing gta 5 today
  8. ? Scary stuff should have put my name down for Mars
  9. I feel u I had a dream my ex cheated and I woke up vex with her ...she thought it was hilarious
  10. But I should have trained to become a doctor
  11. Is it out in the shops now... might pick this up tomorrow looks really good
  12. Live in Vegas play poker for a living travel the world
  13. I do not like to leave the house just spent £200 on crap I don't need
  14. extra cheese extra garlic mayo n extra chilli u tart
  15. Grace knows I'm playing ... Softman lol just go into ur settings I'm sure a big man like yourself can work it out please do it now
  16. Bitch stfu no woman is wanting sex with you Any dirty victim ur man hates you
  17. What are they doing sounds like those floor bangers you had as a yout
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