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  1. Did u watch it on Netflix Its not on mine wth
  2. London is mad lool I love it these videos are crazy Uk police r a joke ting one man out on his own lmao should be two man https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1471821559597196&id=337141209731909&ref=content_filter
  3. Ag,s pet name for u still Tell ed to leave his crusty stained boxers in the bin no one wants to see or smell them
  4. https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/celebs-tv/ed-sheeran-selling-underpants-2122380 Pmsl
  5. Yesssss gonna watch after i go shop and get munchies
  6. Called a company up regarding something but she just took my name and number and said she will get back to me I don't believe youuuu If she doesn't call back today I'll be at her doorstep demanding answers tomoz I ain't waiting on no one
  7. Watch this episode they do them dirrrttyyy y I can't stand feds this one is jokes tho
  8. Album out 23rd but he's now been arrested ?
  9. Sounds fiya Album out 23rd but he's been arrested
  10. Oi there in fashion now Treat urself lol
  11. Happy for u man .I gt to get my shit together should be Feb wen I see my reward for my hard work Ive been saving so hard but I keep buying shit today I brought a Gucci belt its not good working in the city I am impulsive with money I need therapy
  12. I never had to wear a school unifom but the pressure was real Can u remember sharing clothes to stay fashionable
  13. I think the breakfast is the best thing about mc Donalds But yea didn't order in the end my stomach is doing bits
  14. Sat in maccys now gonna have sausage mcmuffim ?
  15. I swear he's gay he gets nervous talking yet he's a supervisor
  16. Sounds grim lol Ours is at some posh hotel 3 course ting free wine Some d*ckhead is taking his mum I swear down lol
  17. Eat pig end up looking like one
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