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  1. Swear that's Safeway's color scheme haha
  2. Lol it's mad can't fault him wot a g
  3. Lol is man rapping with no teeth
  4. There customer service and food is on point can't beat their cakes n doughnuts Wat makes me laugh is the way the staff at aldi run around like there's a war on it's always packed so the checkout operator is moving mad u save money but aldi isn't a nice shopping experience I avoid at all cost same with Iceland bareee qs
  5. There looking to change retail in some ways 1 hour delivery slot would be nice though I do use home delievery for Morrison's occasionally but having to wait 3 days for ur shopping is ridiculous
  6. Nah sainsburys bought asda and argos
  7. shops are closing left right and centre I think sainsburys is my one stop shop for alot of products u can't beat there variety In years to come we wont have to worry about running out of bogroll the supermarket s will keep an inventory of our products and when your low they will just replace it it will be all online and sent out to u... How exciting lool
  8. You walk around broadmarsh shopping centre nw it's like a ghost town All the shops gone jus food outlets
  9. Oii fuck off eazy.. I want wimpy now they still got 1 in notts fucking dear as fuck tho for the same size as a happy meal but worth every penny No one has mentioned virgin megastores I did my 2 weeks of work experience there two weeks of hell!!! Actually Wasnt that bad I got a CD at the end and mostly just played ps2 lol
  10. The real ghetto supermarkets are those ones with half the contents of their stock outside on display and u can but literally everything from their...
  11. Quick save where u could buy a whole weeks worth of food for a tenner ? Closet u get to that now is heron foods..
  12. I like it not for Christmas tho lol
  13. You want women in the force to deal with women but 2 women out on their own is a joke where is the area cus police here reall y do have it easy so reh they let any one join
  14. Jasmine killed it again She is gonna win kayode is great but lacks maturity
  15. Mehh I am not shocked anymore Only going to keep happening the state the worlds in
  16. A lot of these escorts like Naomi would just be a trophy on the arm to certain events Depending on contract terms etc Doubt she slept with all them
  17. She can be my pimp look at that list she ain't no joke She a beast
  18. Thats a given Less talk more action go buy one
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