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  1. Ag y can't I send u message Hmmm
  2. She needs to be carefull still but I heard she arranges young models for wealthy clients She is living in Lagos doing it Anyone heard any rumors
  3. Is it heck I wanna punch u for that lol
  4. KFC and nandos fries are the goats Always get Zinger meal Rip
  5. Boycott KFC they are changing their fries which are perfectly fine for skinned chunky shits I cannot believe this worse news ever
  6. My gawd he is handsom He loves his money surely its for all for the money
  7. To me thats drum and bass you want to go way back to the 90's for that real dark n heavy shit
  8. Not seen any about else would have picked one up out of respect
  9. Decent mixes https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCgfPdpLxuCIwvvF0ZbTHXqA
  10. Looks so innocent poor thing Rip South London sounds a delightful place to live
  11. yo I love that spider would love one in a fish tank Who remembers blue planet that programme was siiick
  12. At work u can get in heated arguments nearly been in fights at work myself but to lose control like that man must be so pissed at himself I bet it was over pure stupidness Feel for the guy who got stabbed hope he is OK
  13. Didn't read all that but she sounds like a stupid slag Where's the dust pics @
  14. Yayyy mother fuckers its Friday hiday I'm already waiting to go get pissed n buzzing


    You looking to buy IPhone x at £999
  16. Jackie is sly bringing kayode back Obviously seems him as a threat Jasmine is growing on me week by week she would deffo get hired her sexy voice raaaaaaggghh
  17. But you know when your drunk Chinese just hits the spot u don't care how u.eat it
  18. I have paper plates using them tonight as I've ordered Chinese I tend to order a takeaway most nights so saves on washing up I keep telling myself learn to cook from tomorrow no more takeaway.
  19. Eating- istanbul leicester Book Cupcake brown Film- interstellar Music-
  20. Half of the time i switch off from the MC's in a garage rave Jungle MCs>>>>>>>>
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