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  1. Veteran of the forum, been here since rwd days, literally started sb.tv here posting grime freestyles here, put in serious work n achieved what he truly deserved... no age to be passing at, R.I.P... Anyone know what he passed from?
  2. What's the verdict?
  3. https://ibb.co/N6yfMcC <a href="https://imgbb.com/"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/rGwqVD0/Lan-Di-Avi.jpg" alt="Lan-Di-Avi" border="0" /></a> https://ibb.co/s2ck4dH https://ibb.co/b3Nx44q https://ibb.co/JF43xFP Any of my Shenmandem still about lol fuck knows how to share pics on forums anymore
  4. aside from a pathetic voice i do have punches tho no? all jokes aside, i got a little change together n put together a home studio just wanna know how the quality is, bare in mind I've literally been learning how to mix down vocals for two weeks let me know anything you'd advise me on to improve if you could safe
  5. yes p*ssy's much love to ya
  6. I can't believe these insane mental patients have the nerve to force us to address them as a "women" nevermind trying to force straight men to have to accept there sexual advances
  7. Farewell Totti what an amazing send off fit for a king
  8. Drugs and a brain injury is all 2016 offered me 2017 has started on point for me so far though
  9. Can anyone point me in the direction of some good uk clothing sites, sayfe
  10. what madness is everyone talking about with trump in power?
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