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  1. gemma

    JA Wealth Scam

    Sounds like referral bonuses
  2. Been a good season this season
  3. Guys it's a spoof by Arsenal Gentleman on Twitter
  4. Best nightclubs and bars?
  5. gemma

    Jack Wilshere

    What kind of shop do you work in?
  6. booking.com airbnb.com
  7. So The Sun set up that elaborate Bollywood plot for the coke sting? Did no-one do any research from her side into this deal or are they all idiots?
  8. Seems like all hip-hop crowds in America are dead
  9. Why not? We're a rich fucking club ffs. Lets get some decent CBs in the club rather than some random cheapy signing. No bad can come from having 4 CBs in the club
  10. I've been to Brazil and the women are really not all that attractive. I think some of you are expecting models to be walking around, when it's just like England in actual fact. Average women, some really ugly and a few really attractive. The men however were generally better looking.
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