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  1. Weve had 1 shot second half and its gone in Basically mourinhos wet dream occurrring in front of his eyes

    Aint seen @TF S4DK for a while. Im considering paying the balloon on my current PCP but people are saying its not worth it/should just get a PCH. Anyone got any thoughts on this?

    How can they sell out? Joke ting
  4. Lol I really fucking hate mourinho Really fucking hate him. Has to get sacked after tonight surely. Ffs
  5. How the commos bredding Bailly for that 'lifesaving' tackle even tho it was him who went wondering in the first place to open up the space
  6. Also. Fuck Bailly. Absolute dogshit
  7. Counter attacking. At home. To sevilla. In a game we need to win....
  8. Jose Mourinho

    Imagine getting one up'd by Jake Humphries. Peak. / Jose should war more. Would make me rate him despite the shit football
  9. Skepta

    Skepta still ruining his hard bars with his absolute dogshit bars in 2018
  10. Kanye West

    What about saint though... Spaceship, Ultralight beams, Family business, Bound 2, Niggas in paris Good lort almighty / Nuts how many classic tunes this guys got actually looking at it
  11. Carragher spits at 14 year old girl

    Was gonna say. The dad didnt even do anything. How is carragher getting so heated off someone shouting the score at him from a car
  12. I hope it is Not feeling getting hurt 3 or 4-1
  13. What a disgusting goal
  14. True and ttbf Kovacic been sick every time ive seen him this season too (other than el clasico) so guess its a minor really
  15. No Kroos Modric and Isco seems a bit risky. Its only 3-1 with an away goal