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  1. Last post in whatever was 2 days ago. That how it is now? United still having a mare in the window though so some things never change
  2. The pen decision was bait. Don't know why they needed VAR for that but, should've just used it for the offside
  3. Anderson

    Vegan Gang

    That's not really evidence though, was looking more for scientific studies or similar. Regarding lobby groups, its probably worth noting that that works both ways, with meat/farming lobbyists sponsoring loads of studies and marketing promoting meat (also these are much larger more powerful groups) so do you also abstain from meat due to the conflicting evidence?
  4. Anderson

    Vegan Gang

    Yeah I hear that but, tofu is low in of those things and contains less sodium and less saturated fat than a chicken breast. Plus it contains zero cholesterol, much less than chicken. So to me that does not make chicken healthier in any way. I'm using tofu cos you said chicken>tofu, but perhaps you were referring to more stuff like Quorn chicken nuggets etc?
  5. Anderson

    Vegan Gang

    In answer to the health bit... I agree processed is processed. But look at it this way (and let's assume we all agree animal products are unhealthy for the purposes of this, I know you probably don't agree with that but go with me): Let's say your day to day omnivore eats, in equal proportions, clean animal products (unhealthy), processed animal products (unhealthy), clean plant based (healthy) and processed plant based (unhealthy) Then say your vegan dieter eats, again in equal proportions, clean plant based (healthy) and processed plant based (healthy). I know it's a crude example, but do you see where Im coming from with this?
  6. Anderson

    Vegan Gang

    You got any evidence supporting this? Because from the evidence I've seen that's not true. Happy to be proven wrong, I'll always go with what science has proven.
  7. Anderson

    Vegan Gang

    What's wrong with eating soy?
  8. Lolol my guy was boxing him in his helmet Fuck that. Must have boulders for hands
  9. Anderson

    Vegan Gang

    That's a very popular myth
  10. Anderson

    Vegan Gang

    So are you saying eating that sausage roll is actually WORSE for you than eating a normal sausage roll? Because that was your point. Imo it's not worse, it's just also unhealthy. Obviously you can still eat junk food as a vegan. I waxed off a whole packet of double creme oreos last night, for example And also bear in mind, probably the most important thing to remember against your claim, is that most vegans are not vegan for health purposes.
  11. Anderson

    Vegan Gang

    Funny, but sadly fake. As was...
  12. Anderson

    Vegan Gang

    Please. Would be interested to know what things you're referring to.
  13. Anderson

    Vegan Gang

    What you shaking your head at bro? Don't want one don't buy one. What's the issue?
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