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  1. Week 16 & 17 - 17/18 Premier League

    On a scale of 1-10 how fucking shit is Mourinho?
  2. Bitcoin

    Yeah thats what I meant, I think? Keep my original investment invested, and sell to the value of the profit. So that I've still got some btc regardless?
  3. Bitcoin

    Im thinking of cashing out my profit to date if BTC hits 12k, then waiting for the crash to throw it back in In my head that is sound logic...am I right?
  4. Bitcoin

    11k / @Meticulous must be killing it

    Yeah. Went south to north also but did it over a shorter period of time (think it was about 10-14 days) I did the bait 'traveller' route based on where a friend of a friend suggested. Was decent, just too many british student types for my liking (I'd just come from south america). Hoi-An and Halong Bay were my favourite places. @local can probs give better info though?
  6. Doing DIY for a female

    Also not sure putting a chest of drawers together counts as DIY?
  7. Vegan Gang

    How come??
  8. Vegan Gang

    I dont feel much different tbh with you
  9. Bitcoin

    It was mentioned as an app to buy BTC, its what I've used so far (only 325 quid each on BTC and ETH)
  10. Vegan Gang

    Was gonna bump this next week but you've done it anyway cos next week ill be 4 months deep. Nuts. A year ago I wouldve laughed at the suggestion of doing it for a week. Just feels normal now. Theres so much food I eat now that I didnt even know I liked so much. Theres loads of stuff I havent even got round to making yet (i.e. the recipes you posted early - tarka daal etc.). Gonna order some wheat gluten from amazon to make seitan, and found a shop that sells tempeh - neither of which I've even tried yet, but are meant to be close to meat. Only recently found quorn do vegan frozen 'hot and spicy' burgers which are like chicken burgers and 'fishless fingers' too. Been waxing off a couple fish finger sandwiches like I'm 12 years old. I'm probably gonna eat 'normal' on xmas day. Not sure I can turn away from all that food I worshipped my whole life. But my thinking is what harm can one day a year eating meat do to my body? My shits might answer that the next day but we will see. I'll start posting some pics of what I cook soon. Not to try and bore anyone, just cos I always get asked 'what do you even eat'...and I'm still eating very nice food everyday, but my descriptive skills arent always the best so a picture is easier.
  11. Burnley

    2nd bottom in creating chances and keeping possession = impressive season... Interesting logic
  12. Bitcoin

    Considering still buying some tbh. I check it every day and its just going up and up. Madness
  13. Black Friday

    Yeah copped it. All seems decent so far tbh, good quality etc, thin profile goes nice on my wall All in all good purchase. Would reccomend.
  14. Week 13 & 14 - 17/18 Premier League

    How is deulefou playing for barca