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  1. Anderson

    mufc Romelu Lukaku

    🤣 Ended by Jesse you know. Long when footballers try rapping unless they are top 3 selected in the world
  2. Anderson

    mufc Marouane Fellaini

    Don't hate Fellini at all like a lot of United fans. Swung the momentum of a lot of games in our favour when coming on. It's just he only has one real purpose, and that purpose is only good as a plan B. And that plan B is a shitty backup to plan A, which is also shit.
  3. That 70 mins from Ander is up there with one of the worst I've ever seen
  4. Thought Sanchez did ok through the middle last two games. No Pogba is a miss but guess we'll just be looking to hit on the counter and nick a goal
  5. Anderson

    Who are the top 5 premier league keepers?

    Who's the best keeper in the world? Oblak?
  6. Anderson

    Oldschool Supermarkets

    Iceland is actually pretty sick for vegan gang No bull burgers>>>
  7. Anderson

    Football Leaks V2

    Jorge Mendes is a serious money maker
  8. Anderson

    live Week 11 - 18/19 Premier League & CL MD4

    Refs hate neymar Never give him free kicks
  9. Anderson

    Football Leaks V2

    Wanna know who was doping
  10. Anderson

    Official Twitter Thread

    Handed themselves in? Is what they did an actual crime?
  11. Anderson

    Random News

    Dayo beg you copy and paste DM articles please Not really looking to give them any clicks tbh
  12. That's actually the worst OG I've seen in years