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  1. The Video Thread part 2

    the horn sounds
  2. Dumbest/Most Corrupt youngsters from my ends

    cadillac tatts are all the rage in south london

    someone broke into my old car smashing out 2 of the side windows

    vampire tints in penge. lifetime warranty on their work, had to use it a couple times in the past. they honour it no questions asked. tint suntek iirc.
  5. Notting Hill Carnival / Bank Holiday Weekend

    Will be following any float tbh. Wont even know where I am probably. Anyway for the Soca heads -
  6. Black British role models

  7. Calais

    three pots of tea got them looking at receipts that make them doubt their eyesight
  8. Kurupt FM - People Just Do Nothing

    what makes this show even funnier is that its a parody killer in the documentary is grinder in PJDN
  9. ''I Don't Catch Feelings, I Just Catch Pips''

  10. Dumbest/Most Corrupt youngsters from my ends

    mans never been in marquess when it shutdown?
  11. You havent lived...

    ....if you haven't transcended past caring what others see as 'living'
  12. 150 + 674 Thread

  13. Old Consoles pause

    Fack that is crazy. How much was it? cant lie i need this in my life can do that for free with what you already have tbh. google hyperspin. its an arcade frontend for emulators. what mizchief has is a system running hyperspin, with an arcade joystick. could make a system like that for a lot less than £500. or if you want a little something small you can plug into a tv on the cheap, get a raspberry pi and load emulation station onto it. raspberry pi + sd card + controller=<£50