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  1. hes gotta do a cbiz or an asco times running out either way
  2. Meticulous

    #Heatwave 2018

    im sorry g we cant be friends even if we ate the same pastry
  3. Meticulous

    #Heatwave 2018

    why you tryna scope me for is my name kayGee
  4. Meticulous

    #Heatwave 2018

    sunday @chaps we had to resort to some dead pastry shop near the flat after clubs still
  5. Meticulous

    #Heatwave 2018

    nightlife and gyal never seen better ratios and average level of girl in a club before
  6. Meticulous

    #Heatwave 2018

    just come back, hands down the illest holiday i been on. have fun
  7. true stories everyones been rapping with no filter for the longest though whether gang related or otherwise might push these music man to be more creative in their approach
  8. so the 6 points werent even relevant, he won the claim and it was worth about 12k. unless theres other deductions involved im guessing he got a 10 stack and a new bike i was fully comp so i got an inflated quote on paper to fix my car and this was deducted from my excess paid out about 1.5k overall including repair of my whip
  9. i dont usually like sharing but this a gem you lot need to know about couple old boys from south africa who do this deep house ting everything below produced by them + more on their channel tunes for sale on www.thegodfathers.co.za
  10. must be cat d or suttin tune would sound heavy done properly
  11. catch a case and i buss it!
  12. these new youtube ads are killing my vibe a 45 min ad after EVERY SINGLE VID
  13. Meticulous


    these 2 jams on repeat
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