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  1. No fruit is sweet anymore stopped buying grapes and who's tried the s3edless melons
  2. U meant on all the socials right ­čĄö
  3. I need a job and to killl time
  4. I mean I cud but then it wud be ova for u all
  5. Mind Reader


    Looool dammmmn
  6. I dare some one try to test me with their best I'll only drop 1 pic wen someone else has
  7. 5https://m.youtube.com/results?search_query=fairplay+kiana+lede Oiiiiiuu
  8. This one girl I know absolutely stunning head to ankle this gyal got size 9 feet wthhhhhh
  9. The only program on TV worth watching sometimes
  10. I love all beautiful women I'm loving this one LA dancer / dominatrix / the most sexist women alive I wanna show u all but she's soon bait
  11. Arghhhhhhhhhhh I fucking hate solicitors I got to pay £140 for them to download some files
  12. I wanna learn this where do I start ? how long does it take to master so I can use in my future career? what kind of clever do u have to be ?
  13. I need to buy more suits next staff shop is decent if u got the hookup
  14. ÔÇŽ.ÔÇŽon there now doing heists if u wanna join
  15. true but nobody should have to make them sort of instant decisions in the first place its the doctors who should have prioritised the life of the woman out of ethic codes surely
  16. would u all save the child? they could have had more kids I would pick the wife everytime
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