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  1. race war in whitehall on saturday for all the marbles
  2. calling niggers niggas thugs >> / niggas was playing tables ladders and chairs backstage still, disappointed theres no mention of that in here tbhh
  3. he defo deserved it man said it himself ffs #rtm
  4. 9 times out of 10 ur a fassyhole, 10 times out of 10 u can eat a d*ck
  5. Kuffir


    But man's screaming "how do we know that's true" pmsl
  6. I doubt u even know what that post means fella Lol @ "how real this post" is like u know me lmao
  7. Definition of an avatar Enjoy ur day big man
  8. Kuffir


    Pmsl shout my nigga woke john
  9. Kuffir


    Ion think it should be noted that you said as long as she looks over sixteen. This topic is a good five years old but even so
  10. Kuffir


    This site is crazy uno
  11. Pmsl are u mad I don't think ur looking at context, social already in here talking wass that's entirely unrelated to what's happened Llow it
  12. svghfkdrsfkj this is me rn i got anti game atm, can repel a chick who was attracted to man just by opening my mouth
  13. Kuffir

    Males -Game

    goliath goddaz and face off SCURRY SIGHT
  14. The vigour with which man wanna see Kane cancelled tells me he's been prolific with this shit, but in the midst of the flogging you got guys looking to maim anyone close with him, guilty by association, "you knew", etc The guy Meeds has a popular football podcast called touchline fracas, and the iron fist in the velvet glove was a regular guest on there, befitting his status as a member of the Arsenal youth set up, twitter armchair analyst, etc But it's not like they're boys So if you think I'm gonna let the actions of a nigga i speak with once or twice a month sink my battleship then boy good for you but we disassociating and condeming over here, it's for the good of the brand but it's some RNS shit as well. Btw if them touchline fracas dons were white their ting would've blown
  15. Cz fnzsdb what ? ??
  16. Kuffir


    Them chaps negs looking funny in the light
  17. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/968635/peckham-shooting-southampton-way-greenwich-met-police 70 murders and the year's just half gone, definitely on pace for record setting numbers, is it summer holidays yet?
  18. gay brudda said big narstie aint like that, leave him alone didnt have to save him tbh, put some respect on his name
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