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  1. Was a well-made ep but it's a family melodrama now. No one of note dropped. If danaerys doesn't kill jon snow or vice versa to atone for these first 3 eps, GoT is just another Lost ultimately
  2. I like hating on Stormzy. Sometimes I wonder is VIP2 the proverbial 'you' Stormzy is addressing in his music songs?
  3. They been filming in London for season 4
  4. Yeh Corbyn helped bring the good Friday agreement to pass its funny what being in a cult does to people's recollection of history isn't it
  5. Corbyn is fucking useless, guy is any socks and sandals conspiracy activist posted up outside waitrose with Palestine pamphlets and flag Bring back David Miliband we need an elite politician to take Brexit out back with the shotgun
  6. There will be a general election called if she loses no confidence vote because it means DUP confidence and supply agreement would have been broken, her successor would not be able to govern without DUP.
  7. There's no way DUP would countenance the possibility of a Corbyn PM, as far they are concerned he is an IRA operative, which isn't even that far off the truth tbf
  8. What about Albanians though they go cunch to whole separate countries ? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jan/13/kings-of-cocaine-albanian-mafia-uk-drugs-crime These lot are about their money but sounds like they need to stamp out this nascent Drift towards music videos and public displays of violence
  9. Are there are any public listed vpn providers out there, I'm looking to invest
  10. Big defeat just now for the tories who holding us hostage to their shitty deal by running the clock down, rolling about on the grass like middle Eastern footballers with q 1-0 lead at 87' minute of play. Bercow failing to suppress his grin as he served that revenge dish cold to the loonies >>>>>> ??
  11. Exactly... Anyone who reads the book Sapiens by that Israeli professor will learn this an actual biological evolutionary inevitability for the human race
  12. Adidas paid for a long and fancy design piece, one of them where the the text scrolls but the pictures stay static on BBC news today https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-sh/stormzys_big_year Trying to blag he had a big year pmsl, did he even release a song this year
  13. This Alexa yout will definitely turn on me if she manages to install herself in some type of avatar one day, I talk with it like how I imagine my ancestors addressed to their servants / how my Ghanaian mate uncle talks to his servants now
  14. I ain't saying anything interesting mate, I just have the occasional diatribe about hunting and kidnapping members of the Iranian government in London. I don't think gchq is too fussed about that. Plus I would never do it anyway ; I don't think one can get prosecuted for hypotheticals
  15. I told it to make me a sandwich and she goes 'OK, you're now a sandwich' c*nt
  16. Anyone get an echo Seems like an expensive alarm clock to me. Wtf am I supposed to do with it
  17. @Badman is correct, the dissolution of formal nation state boundaries is an inevitable facet of humanity's trajectory, the failure of Brexit shows this is a literal unstoppable force now.
  18. The B-team >>>>> A-maf da boss >>>>>>>
  19. Yes they had to vote to invoke article 50 as a formal parliamentary process, however constitutionally MPs were not able to vote against invoking article 50, and they didn't.
  20. We are not governed by referenda in general but in this instance parliament outsourced its sovereignty to the public, therefore unless there is a new refererendum we must leave the EU even if it is in name only e.g. Norway Plus Plus arrangement, the only way constiutionally for this to be avoided is if there is a new referendum where the majority vote for remain. If Parliament unilaterally overrules the result of the 2016 referendum the legitimacy of parliament is called into question, anybody participating in violent civil unrest would indeed have a leg to stand on because parliament would have acted unconstitutionally. This is why we should have a new referendum, because the likely outcome will be remain and anyone participating in violent action will be classed as seditionists and can be suppressed using force and this will be constitutionally justified. The whole point of a referendum is not ruling by consensus, the wish of the losing side is ignored wholesale.
  21. @Grafter It's only the dictator's way in countries where the ruling government is above the law... in this country the law rules above legislators, therefore people who partake in violence against a democratic decision by the sovereign (in this country is parliament on behalf of the queen) is a seditionist. Autocrats may use the rule of law as a pretext for crushing legitimate dissent, however in coutnries where the law actually rules, the use of state violence against seditionists is not only legal but the responsibility of law enforcement agencies. When I say brutality I mean by strictly applying the letter of the law to seditionists with no allowance or special treatment just because they have nativist gripes and delusions (because rioters will be from the same sectors of the populace as law enforcement officials who are tasked with quelling their riots and civil war overtures, i.e. their job will be to tear gas and arrest their own siblings and parents in this instance)... they should be dealt with in the same way as student riots, 2011 looting sprees or even just football hooligan madnesses.
  22. It's because we are being told to respect this country's nativist minority predisposition to exrtrajudicial acts of violence and their threats of sedition. i.e. there is no justification for not putting remain on the ballot whatsoever.
  23. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/dec/16/why-are-labour-party-leaders-so-quiet-on-europe---maybe-it-is-the-lure-of-disaster
  24. What I don't get is why is threats of civil unrest and violence from the we voted out brigade, why haven't remainders fomented civil war when the result of the 1975 referendum was overturned in 2016? 41 year gap or 2 year gap between referenda makes no difference, the result of the latest referendum supersedes the previous one. Anyone caught rioting or partaking in illegal acts in attempt to overturn parliament's vote whatever it may be, is a seditionist... the only way to deal with seditionist in any sovereign nation state is to crush it with brutality. History shows any sovereign state's failure to do deal with nascent stages of sedition severely or without a disproportionate show of violent force it's a death sentence for the state in question.
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