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  1. cambridgebanteer

    Recommend a youtube Channel

    YouTube channels >>>>>>> TV channels
  2. cambridgebanteer

    Feminism is the worst thing to happen to society

    Please tell us more Dr peterson
  3. cambridgebanteer

    The Watch thread

    Don't feel sorry for that greasy moroccan wealth management c*nt at all, what r u trying to prove wearing your pp in a area full of broke people, who are you trying to stunt on Ostentatious displays of wealth in public ie pissing on a tree and marking yourself at the top of the pyramid of humanity, well where are u in thst pyramid with a chete sticking out your knee, no watch and nobody willing to give a Statement. Somewhere near the middle at most I would say
  4. cambridgebanteer

    GRM Daily Rated Awards LIVE 2018

    C/s. 10/10 thread please don't lock
  5. cambridgebanteer


    I think it's the voyeur aspect of it, imagine if one of these murderous rapist narcos was your son brother or dad fcking pattys
  6. cambridgebanteer

    GRM Daily Rated Awards LIVE 2018

    Why would anyone not get gratification from a criminal gangster rapper who is supposedly odt a menace to society getting potentially deleted, u think society is gona lose if young spray the c*nt of a human being who has probably stabbed and shot people himself is gone, gtfo. No sympathy
  7. cambridgebanteer

    GRM Daily Rated Awards LIVE 2018

    How am I arching my neck if I get sent voice clips on WhatsApp, not my fault what people want to send me is it? I could give 2 fucks about what these savages want to inflict on each other still, fuck them
  8. cambridgebanteer

    GRM Daily Rated Awards LIVE 2018

    Not as funny as grown men behaving like these lot, what gives me gratification is that I don't live that way, makes me feel good about myself.
  9. cambridgebanteer

    The Video Thread part 2

    mashallah my akh😂 mash allah
  10. cambridgebanteer

    GRM Daily Rated Awards LIVE 2018

    big 37 year old grandad standing in the corner with his shank out talking about he's not scared of anyone the imagery 🤣
  11. cambridgebanteer

    GRM Daily Rated Awards LIVE 2018

    https://instaud.io/2EjG https://instaud.io/2EjH
  12. cambridgebanteer

    GRM Daily Rated Awards LIVE 2018

    What's this about Giggs putting spray in a headlock tho
  13. cambridgebanteer

    Labour Anti-Semitism Stuff

    OK bro sorry I didn't realise it was a fake news conspiracy, thanks for clearing that up
  14. cambridgebanteer

    Labour Anti-Semitism Stuff

    If corbyn ever gets in power the Muslims who vote for him will have to come to terms when she is appointed as their token cabinet minister I doubt he would get their vote either way, corbyn is an ardent Assadist white helmets conspiracy believer and an ayatollah khamenei shill to boot
  15. cambridgebanteer

    Labour Anti-Semitism Stuff

    Ash Sarkar isn't an establishment conspiracy mate, please take your medications bro and stop watching YouTube conspiracy videos