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  1. cambridgebanteer

    Why you coming fast ?

    Make me feel sick. Don't these lot realise how effeminate this behavior is
  2. cambridgebanteer

    #MeToo Movement

    Nothing gay about it, guy's got p*ssy on tap now, doesn't need to be felt up on stage things aren't that desperate. Women really have a licence to commit sexual assault out here shits not a joke
  3. cambridgebanteer

    boxing Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury - 1st Dec

    them knockdowns were down to ring rust, won't see that in a rematch. Fury was definitely robbed. Strangely the best analysis I've seen is this by an mma journalist:
  4. cambridgebanteer

    Why you coming fast ?

    Lamborghini in the cut lmao
  5. cambridgebanteer

    Official Twitter Thread

    What a chin. Security company will get smoked in court , should clean them out. Universal credit this Xmas for the high vis donnys
  6. cambridgebanteer

    President Donald Trump Thread

    Lol this guy is a bona fide traitor to his country, putin got him by the balls. I'm super interested to see the depths of depravity that the kgb have recorded from this character
  7. cambridgebanteer

    uk-rap Skrapz

    so when youtube causes your fanbase to go majority white and asian , it's all good to do a show in London is it seen
  8. cambridgebanteer

    Official Twitter Thread

    lmfao non-woke black twitter>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  9. cambridgebanteer

    Refugee child attacked in school

    Imagine running from Bashar's rabid dogs and end up having your arm broke in 2 by Tommy's rats. Shit aint ending too well for we voted out storm troopers after the grenfell effigy debacle and now this. nowhere to hide in 2018 for human detritus
  10. cambridgebanteer

    hiphop Tekashi 6ix9ine

    true enough but his amplification of one of these social media posts is what might have gassed either party into escalating a problem , he's not just an anonymous d*ckhead on the sidelines getting zero views and not affecting the outcome of situations
  11. cambridgebanteer

    hiphop Tekashi 6ix9ine

    hope Ak somehow catches a charge out of this. I'm up for loose talk in general online because it's funny watching criminals and their begs squirm in the comments, but this Akademics character seems to actively instigate and re-ignite street feuds with little relation to the music industry in order to get views and make money. I wonder how many kids in chicago etc. have been actually killed because of his videos from a few years back.
  12. cambridgebanteer

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    cant find any time to play this still, planning to bang it out non stop between xmas and NYE. Tryna find Lenny in the saloon though lmfao
  13. cambridgebanteer


    cant stand non-americans with an american accent, loads of these in london. bizarre... think it's the default accent for people who went to english language schooling in their homeland
  14. cambridgebanteer

    Times you had to make an unexpected departure

    trust me it does, having the shops on your doorstep means you are seeing all the latest drips irl day in day out , not from rap videos and intenret blogs etc.
  15. cambridgebanteer

    The Music Video Thread

    oh why did i think he was from east ? nefver mind