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  1. cambridgebanteer

    Is Stormzy a Industry Plant?

    Stormzy scholarship to my alma mater smh *fold degree into paper airplane and dash out of 40th floor window*
  2. cambridgebanteer

    Should it be banned

    I agree women should have the right to wear what they wish, but if so I should also as a man be free to wear a ski mask in public places, without giving any reason or religious justification, and without being harassed by law enforcement or other private security for doing so, including banks and airports.
  3. cambridgebanteer

    grime Skepta

    Who's the mum? Can't be Naomi campbell her uterus must have expired by now What odds r bookies giving on it being one of the so lash prostitutes from Hampshire,she can arrange play dates with Drakes bm
  4. cambridgebanteer

    Sacha Baron Cohen

    If they were anyone else but a trio of bona fide trumptards I would not have believed it
  5. cambridgebanteer


    Macron is a posh rugby boy ultimate clout seeking antics, doesn't give 2 fucks about football and by extension poor people
  6. cambridgebanteer


    Varane 2018 = Cannavaro 2006
  7. cambridgebanteer

    Round of Last 16

    If Spanish man were as good at blocking pens as they are at blocking up the pavements in London they could just play for a draw every knockout game
  8. cambridgebanteer

    Final Group Stage Games

    How is Ozil and Khedira on the pitch? Taking Korea for complete d*ckheads
  9. cambridgebanteer

    Final Group Stage Games

    Quaresma >>>>>>
  10. cambridgebanteer

    Final Group Stage Games

  11. cambridgebanteer

    Final Group Stage Games

    WE'RE SHIT and we know we are Statistical pointers (all correct after two rounds of matches): Iran have the worst passing accuracy in the World Cup, with 68%. Next worst is Iceland, on 72%; top of the table is England with 92%. Iran have had the fewest shots on goalin the World Cup, with two. Costa Rica are immediately above them with three. Top of the table is Belgium with 18, followed by England and Germany on 14. Iran have had the fewest corners at the World Cup, level with Egypt and Tunisia with four. Top of the table is Brazil, with 17.
  12. cambridgebanteer

    Final Group Stage Games

    If iran beats Portugal it will be the greatest day of my life. No exaggeration
  13. cambridgebanteer

    Group Stage Round 2 (All Groups)

    This world cup >>>>>
  14. cambridgebanteer

    Xxxtentacion dead?

    Makes no difference to him though does it, 5 hungry goons waving things about you think any one with functioning cerebral capacity is going to hand it over and go about retrieval at a later point (with our without law enforcement assistance whatever) Xanax done Kentucky fried this kid's brain (he's not the only one!) Died because he is either an idiot or an addict, but most likely a potent cocktail made up of both
  15. cambridgebanteer

    Xxxtentacion dead?

    Died for 20 bags. Sorry but maybe natural selection filtered your arse out of existence if your brain synapsed this idea that death is preferable to handing over one club appearance PA money Madder is when money is clean, which as a musician it is, you don't need to carry about cash! there's these things called credit cards look it up Even madder his yout on the way, those genes ain't going nowhere