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  1. Official Smoking/Weed Thread

  2. Official Smoking/Weed Thread

    Where's the best place to cop? I've seen it in Holland and Barret as capsules but thinking it must be some watered down shit
  3. President Donald Trump Thread

    why is biden talking greeze? He doesn't want any. Go ask Vince
  4. Cambridge Analytica

    You can't fucking make this shit up. Our government and judiciary hand in glove together facilitating destruction of evidence of a coup d'etat by the fanatical plutocrat wing of the conservative party. There needs to be riots because of this or at least Brexit should be put on ice indefinitely this is fucking outrageous
  5. Cambridge Analytica

    Na people used to fawn the same over Zuckerberg, Musk's circuit board is set to malfunction eventually you can quote me on that
  6. Cambridge Analytica

    I mean... obviously not my g Man wld be the 1st to get shown the door if subjected to any of those tests
  7. Cambridge Analytica

    This is what happens when we hand over the keys to power to emotionally devoid aspergers geniuses like Zuckerberg and musk who have sacrificed their human soul somewhere at the far end of the autism spectrum. Yeh I appreciate disabled rights etc but I don't want a down syndrome or a transgender piloting the next flight I've got to catch. We need to have mental testing or some type of eugenics for positions of great responsibility to ensure our overlords are at least neurotypical to the extent where their empathy gap and emotional miscalculations do not lead to the disintegration of the human race
  8. Lamb>>>>chicken>>>Fish>>>>beef>>> pork

    I just love eating all types of animals, the mind bending intricacy of protein synthesis and enzyme processes occurring inside muscles renders a product which has up to now been impossible for humans to replicate with non-animal based organic matter have you ever tried making a proper meal without animal flesh or byproduct, it's fucking impossible to make it taste delicious or satisfying I really want to try hunting at some point and see what non-farmed meat is like or at least eat a kill from hunting, the flavour is supposed to be at a next level to what we eat day to day
  9. Meanwhile in bath....

    isn't bath in bristol? There's laods of black people and somalis in Bristol, I used to fly bristol on the reg
  10. Tommy Robinson Troll watch

    Why are the uneducated subsets of peoples always so needlessly protective of their women? It's healthier for genetics to have cross pollination between formerly isolated populations. If we gave gathered all the edl/Brexit townsfolk, Bradford paks, tower hamlets Banglas etc and gave them a mandatory rash course in evolutionary biology they would actively seek to ensure their daughters marry outside their own race.
  11. Harvey Weinstein

    I was fully obsessed with that movie as a kid. Wesley snipes cutting out man's eye ball to bypass a retina scanner was way ahead of its time
  12. Harvey Weinstein

    Demolition Man (1993) w/ Sylvester Stallone, Sandra Bullock
  13. Skepta

    That often happens if you wake up from a party that went on too long you try to eat some food and the surface layers of cells in your oesaphagus are raw from chemical corrosion and it is impossible to eat anything, despite that you haven't eaten for like 2 days and you need it desperately.
  14. Official Smoking/Weed Thread

    What weed vaporizers do people use on here? I've got an arizer extreme q which fills up balloons. Balloons >>>>>> tryna draw a hit directly from a weed vape. Shit comes like trying to drink McDonald's milkshake before it has time to melt somewhat
  15. Official Smoking/Weed Thread