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  1. emerge into your world but have you seen theirs?
  2. Your post just left me confused, you cant win a logical argument by spewing information. I'm gonna chalk this one up to me buddy.
  3. Interesting http://www.zumiez.com/brixton-rift-light-heather-grey-and-navy-snapback.html
  4. New Cross and Deptford are hipster central and I would say, yeah up by Goldsmiths it's relatively safe nowadays (was never really bad up there), even deptford high street isn't completely what it used to be. New x, camberwell, peckham, okr are nice places to be if you're into the swaggy/artsy/hippy/liberal scene join us (if you're not full black)
  5. ;/ thats what gentrification is buddy canary wharf is located in e14 which is the london borough of tower hamlets which is the poorest borugh in the uk but go to canary wharf and you would have no idea up and down london there are rich parts living adjacent to some shitholes what are you talking about The areas earmarked for redevelopment aren't traditional slums, just unused brownfield land. Canary Wharf again utilised brownfield land to create a new expensive community. Gentrification is the social shift of an already established community not building nice houses on wasteland because anyone can build expensive flats and justify it in London. Newham is not seeing gentrification yet, just pockets of expensive developments, those towers in Stratford for example aren't going to impact the social class of the people who live in Romford Road are they? You fucking plumb, that area used to be a massive ghetto before it got made into nothing to then be developed into something What kind of a person that lives in the UK doesn't know what Foxtons does? / Taking part in gentrification atm, vienna its pretty easy, they start the shared houses for the universities, usually in a more run down but like desolate place, move pop-up stores in the empty shops and have flea markets. 7th district used to be the one but all those designers changed or made p etc so its a bit richer 6th district and 4th are the come up, the "hip" place to be. Will soon be cleared of scum Scum get moved to the 23rd district, or outskirts of others they love it in places like that. / As for london, I'm with smaddy. Why the fuck would I want to walk near the center/my university and have to watch out for some cockroach coming out of a corner and stabbing me for my phone. Why do I want to see iceland those @#123 logos with some big afrikan/jamaican/ or some filthy chavvie c*nt or some polish alcoholics. There's places for those people. Paris is pretty close to fantastic in that aspect however the police are a little lax in the inner city. I stayed with friends in a place called troccadero and it was sufficiently tranquil. Vienna doing it will, Berlin doing it well (finally getting alexandraplatz from those greasy turks) what can I say, life is good / lol at ever even imagining moving to that waste dump for basic people
  6. no more posts unless podcasts from u plz mate thx
  7. would listen/take part
  8. what type of savages
  9. lmao at that Star dude and his youtube show if black people want to know at least some of whats wrong with them. Please watch that show
  10. im guessing she held onto him this proves my misogyny correct
  11. i bet you got that from a halal butcher
  12. parents must be fuming they never sent me to private school now i got no hopes mama
  13. in the park, record shops, book shops, coffee shop, public transport
  14. I make just about enough to sustain my alcoholism and keep a smile on my face, im pretty happy with that
  15. u guys are more bitch than the bitches u tryna cuff up
  16. that dark lo feller looks really poor and his voice isnt made for rapping
  17. lol pos john doe trudat / funniest part of the thread is sole being extremely weird. Is sole now 12 years old? / Has sole even lost his v's?
  18. but the point is its your inspiration, its not "say a name of someone forum members might know/have heard of who you think is inspirational"
  19. what u sayin u like to do a friday night in clapham with all the boys / I thought this thread meant like matching colours etc was quite jokes. Then I thought about the dresscode etc, like obviously if its black tie or casual or smart or a beach party wear appropriate but the chances of wearing the same thing as one of your pals is very minimal as a kid it would be worse as ofc if you just shopped in JD/Footlocker, same t shirts and sh*t was coming out wearing the same thing as your pal on the same night out SHOULD be bad luck but what it really points to is bad shopping for example, buying high street stuff "in-season" then rocking it asap / obviously if the situation happens you just have to laugh it off, what kind of friendship is that when your "telling man to go home and change" fucking hell
  20. Why without saying? It should be the only one unless you have other role models in your life How can you say someone inspires you if you have never met them. What you guys are saying is the achievement inspires you, not the person.
  21. some people cant hack the stuff and get scared/annoying/loud some people love the stuff too much In any case, if you're gonna try it, the best advice get your own
  22. My father and all of my uncles were the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this thread / Who's yours? Michael Jordan, Martin Luther King or Kony?
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