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Tottenham fan fucks up again, Arsenal to the rescue again...

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Sky Sports sources understand that Lord Triesman will stand down as England's 2018 World Cup bid chairman.

A storm has erupted this weekend after a report in the Mail on Sunday that claimed Triesman alleged Spain were planning to bribe World Cup referees in South Africa.

It was thought Spain could call off its hopes of hosting the 2018 World Cup if rival bidder Russia helped bribe referees this summer, according to the report.

The 66-year-old Labour peer claimed in a conversation with a former civil servant aide that votes from Spanish Fifa members would then switch to Russia for 2018.

Reports of Lord Triesman's resignation as 2018 World Cup bid chairman have been welcomed by Sports Minister Hugh Robertson.

"It's entirely right that he should stand down and that the action should have been taken as quickly as is the case," he told Sky Sports News.

England have moved quickly to limit the damage the reports may have caused their 2018 bid by faxing letters of apology to the Spanish and Russian football federations and distancing itself from its chairman's allegations.

Faxes have also been sent by the English bid team to world governing body Fifa apologising for Triesman's comments - insisting they do not support the bid chairman's claims.

David Dein set to takeover.

Why is Usmanov bankrolling the Russia bid and not our summer shopping spree, f*ck*ng Hill-Wood.

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My did the Mail on Sunday have to destroy our bid. They had enough dirt in the hour long recording to sell a few copies, with out repeating the stuff about Spain, and Russia.

He's been a fool, but it shows the mail on sunday to be the unpatriotic rag it is. Over a billion pounds in income for the nation,thousands of jobs that would have been created,the boost to national pride and a 21st century sports and travel infastructure, sold so they can sell a few more copies of their rag.

Is it truly in the 'public interest'? No.

This paper has single handedly ruined our bid. Only in this country would a rag choose to put it's own mediocre circulation in front of the hope of a nation for a 2018 world cup. This was a private conversation, how many of us talk about these kind of things with friends, how many times have you in private conversation alleged that a referee has been bribed, etc?

This was a molehill, but the fabrication of this story has created a mountain which will undoubtedly RUIN our 2018 chances.

Surely the new coalition may want to give the Daily Mail more than a slap on the wrist with the introduction of a new press regulator...

Congratulations must go to the Daily Mail for their unbelievable narrow-mindedness in publishing the story. Why would you want to compromise the large efforts of the country in order to sell more papers and deny us the chance to host a World Cup?

What did the editor/owners of the Mail think was going to happen when they published this? That the country would pat them on the back for destroying the world cup bid? Their lack of integrity is compounded by their lack of intelligence.

It's no wonder public officials are so secretive; they dare not say anything to anyone for fear of it being twisted into tomorrow's tabloid headline.

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