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Ghosts on the Underground

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Just saw this on sky, shook me up abit cant lie lol


Anyone had any weird experiences like this? It interesting when u think about all the stuff thats gone on in and around the underground, loads of deaths down there and nuff mass graves been built on to make alot of the underground network.

Could NOT be one of them 'track walkers' who have to walk the length of the track to check its safe, them man are 200ft underground the surface in the pitch black, llow it lol, them man are the ones who report most of the ghost sightings.

They say that alot of these ghosts carry on working and going about their business because they either dont realize, or refuse to accept, that they are dead..


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watching this now, no one else in the house, gonna have to play xbox when it's finished to stop myself being scared lol

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