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Old Skool Mixtape's being made

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Ok so this is a bit of nostaligia for me, when i first started listening to hip hop around 1997 times (around 14 yrs old) through to when i left school (2000) i made literally 50 odd TDK tapes of westwood shows and songs, some of my favorite ones are listed below which i will be compiling into a few mixtapes for the Ipod and Car. I also used to watch (like alot of people back in the day without sky) Flava so some of the songs i first saw on there *memories*

If anybody wants to drop some songs that they think i should have in there then please let me know!

So far...

Redman - I bee dat

Red & Meth - Da Rockwilder

Dmx - Get at me dog

Jay Z - Hard knock life

DMX & Sean Paul - Top shottas

Redman - Da goodness

Lost Boyz - Me & my crazy world

BG & Hot Boyz - Bling Bling

Busta Rhymes - Put your hands..

Nas - Nas is like

Brand Nubian - Back up off the wall

Cam'ron - Let me know

Cam'ron - 357

DJ Cool - Let me clear my throat

Wu Tang - Cream

Black Rob - Woah

LL Cool J - 4,3,2,1

Ice cube - It was a good day

Noreaga - Banned from TV

Noreaga - Superthug

The Murderers - We dont give a f*ck

TRU - No limit soldiers

Dilated peoples - Platform

Jay Z & DMX - Money, cash, hoes

Luniz - I got 5 on it (Reprise)

Rakim - When i be on the mic

Dead prez - Hip Hop

Master P - Bout it Bout it

Westside connection - Bow down

Ja Rule - Holla holla

DMX - Ruff ryders anthem

DMX, LOX & Mase - Niggaz done started somethin'

Pharoah Monch - Simon says remix

Mos Def - Ms fat booty

Talib Kweli & Hi-tek - The blast

Outkast & Goodie mob - Watch for the hook

i think those listed above will all have been made between '97-'00 but could have a couple that are the exception.

Any ideas welcome people, im sure ive missed off loads but personal favs that i may know and havent remebered or infact never heard before would be great!

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Guest Triple XXX

i know this aint exactly old school hip hop


recording the top 40 back in the day and holding up ur tape recorder to the TV when a tune u like comes on >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

this was around 2000 times for me before i discovered grokster and kazaa with them deadout 56k modems where it would take a f*ckin year to download a tune

man i f*ckin miss them times

man would literally sit around waitin for a good snng to come on and hit record

havin them tape players that hooked up to the tv sound >>>>>>

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Throwback 1996 y'all.

DJ Clue 4,5,6 from 1996

01-Nas feat Nature - The Foulness Pt. 3.mp3

02-Mobb Deep - Drop a Gem On Em.mp3

03-Lil Kim feat Notorious Big - Queen *****.mp3

04-Mobb Deep feat Godfather - Rep Da QBC.mp3

05-Akinyele - **** U For Free.mp3

06-Ghostface Killah - The Water Technique.mp3

07-KRS-One - One Emcees.mp3

08-Nas - Take It In Blood.mp3

09-Lil Kim feat Puff Daddy - No Time.mp3

10-Keith Murray - The Rhyme II.mp3

11-Capone and Noreaga - Illegal Life.mp3

12-M.O.P. - Firing Squad.mp3

13-Jay-Z - Freestyle.mp3

14-112 feat Lost Boyz - Come See Me.mp3

15-Keith Sweat feat Kut Klose - Twisted bw Da Bridge.mp3

16-Mona Lisa feat The Lox - Just Wanna Please You (remix).mp3

17-Dr. Dre, KRS-One, RBX, B-Real & Nas - East Coast West Coast Killer.mp3

18-Mobb Deep - Everyday Gunplay.mp3

19-Redman - It’s On Fire Tonight.mp3

20-Mcgruff - Make It Hot.mp3


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