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G Double: The Weedless Dubstep Mix: October 2010!

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The very talented G Double, takes to the decks to presents "The Weedless Mix: October 2010"


Bio: http://twuagency.co.uk/gdoubledj.html

Audio: http://twuagency.co.uk/gdoubledjaudio.html

Video: http://twuagency.co.uk/gdoubledjvideo.html


01: Kromestar feat Sun Of Selah: Frequencies (Forthcoming Kapsize)

02: Silkie: Birth (Unreleased)

03: Joker & TC: Ain't Got a name (Unreleased)

04: Silkie: Bass Junkie (Deep Medi)

05: Silkie: Get Up & Dance (Unreleased)

06: Quest: Back To Our Roots (Unreleased)

07: G Double: The Highest (Forthcoming on Break The Habit)

08: Benga: Rock Music (Tempa)

09: Skream: Unknown Dub (Unreleased)

10: Benga: Eye Tunes (Tempa)

11: Skream: Meta-Lick

12: Silkie: 51 Times Stronger (Unreleased)

13: Benga: Oh Gosh (Unreleased)

14: Mala: Level Nine (Hyperdub)

15: R1 Ryders: Just a feeling (Unreleased)

16: G Double: Raindrops (Unreleased)

17: G Double: Tears Are Gonna Fall 2010 remix (Unreleased)

18: Distance: Victim Support (Planet Mu)

19: Silkie: Rainforest (Unreleased)

20: G Double: She Wants To Go (Unreleased)

21: Silkie: New York City (Unreleased)

22: Mungo's Hi Fi: International Roots ft. Earl 16 - LD Remix - (Dub Police)

23: Joker: Tron - Kromestar Remix (unreleased)

24: Quest: Travelling (Unreleased)

25: TMSV: Smoke (Unreleased)

26: Jay 5ive: Try Harder (unreleased)

27: Jazzy Jazzy: Minimal Swanky (Unreleased)

28: Jack Sparrow & Signus: Loveless (Tectonic)

29: Devious: Idio Synchronize (Unreleased)

30: Silkie: Tonight (Unreleased)

Stream / Download:


Download Mirror:



This Way Up Artist Agency.

Web: http://twuagency.co.uk/gdoubledj.html

Email: bookings@twuagency.co.uk

AIM: AfterThaEnd and TWUAgency

TEL: 0044 7979 325 737


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